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  1. Password protection for video subscriptions
  2. How to use music in shorts or mini-features?
  3. Which one of these shotguns should i go for?
  4. assurance for a shoot on Wednesday
  5. Lighting advice to record interview?
  6. AVISynth smooth deinterlacer
  7. Recording computer screens
  8. Extracting one frame for still shot
  10. Suggestions to improve video quality?
  11. Where the Talent Should Look
  12. Good Photography message board?
  13. From Car Video
  14. What camera is seen in this TV show?
  15. Running time for short films
  16. Horizontal line in my video??
  17. English to spanish translation/V.O.
  18. Roto Photo - Single image 360!
  19. Frame rate choppiness after deinterlacing
  20. "Search Forum" Button Kaput?
  21. looking for a clip on microphone?
  22. BnC cable to RCA input?
  23. What to buy for my Canon XL2?
  24. Question about Royalties and Rights
  25. Thinking about buying lights from Rostronics - what about bulbs?
  26. No sound from intergrated motherboard
  27. interesting green and blue moon aberrations
  28. Best format/codec for distribution?
  29. HELP! Editing problem
  30. DV Rack programmers, be afraid, be very afraid!
  31. How to check for bad sector on hard drive?
  32. Filming in a Car
  33. EVS Equipment Rental
  34. LIVE effects with DV
  35. Editing. What makes is so hard, new?
  36. Best External Hardrive for Video
  37. 8mm & 16mm
  38. BetaSP and big lens = good DOF
  39. editing on 20" wide flat panel
  40. what's a fast system for HD editing/rendering
  41. Reflecmedia vs. Traditional GreenScreen
  42. where to post for video critiques
  43. New Here. Some questions about miniDV. (The Best?)
  44. 2100 vs. GL2
  45. Newbie: Poor quality acquiring MiniDV video
  46. DVX/xl2 pricing help
  47. Television cameras?
  48. Easiest way to convert PAL VHS
  49. How was this effect done?
  50. What camera is this?