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What's New, July 25th:
Now you can download, manage, store, create and share any number of XL2 Custom Preset files using a laptop or desktop PC running Windows XP by using the XL2 Presets Manager application. This is a free download exclusively for registered DV Info Net members, courtesy of the good folks at Blue Barn Pictures! Also, Greg Boston waits for a rainy day and takes The CamKote XL2 Camera Cover out for a soggy spin.

Check out XL2 Presets Manager application -- free to registered DV Info Net members!Earlier: Canon Removes the "Film Grain" Feature from XL2. Trust me, you won't miss it. The one digital effect the XL2 had is now gone for good, and you should be happy about it. Here's a quick tutorial called Free Run Time Code as an External Sync. This simple procedure for setting frame-accurate identical time codes to several XL2's will greatly aid a multi-cam shoot, and is every bit as good as having an external sync input to each camera. Also, check out how different lenses see the same thing in our XL2 Fields of View Comparison.

The XL2 Watchdog is composed of nearly twenty pages with a host of articles, images, resources, tips, reports and a thriving online discussion group which can answer any questions you may have about the Canon XL2, including what's new, how it works, and where to buy.

Be sure to browse the entire site, but for starters you'll want to check out The Watchdog's Skinny on the Canon XL2, and of course The Watchdog's Unofficial XL2 Frequently Asked Questions. From there, head to our Articles Index page, where you might want to look at a variety of items including an overview Canon XL2 CCD Block and a comprehensive Guide to XL2 Lens Options. Of course, there's lots more on the way, so keep checking back! Quick Note: all information currently in the XL2 Watchdog relates to the NTSC version. I'll have PAL version info up a little bit later. See our Resources page for a link to the PAL version info from Canon Europa.

Quick Guide to What's Inside

The XL2 Skinny
A preliminary overview of Canon's new XL2 DV camcorder, successor to the XL1S. A quick look at features, menu system, pricing, new XL lens and much more.

A Watchdog FAQ
A sampling of the most common questions which come in by e-mail, with answers about the XL2 and a little about the Watchdog. Start here!

Community more than 18,000 members
Read, register, and post: interact with fellow XL2 shooters in the XL2 Watchdog area of the DVInfo.Net Community message boards.

User Reports
Detailed XL2 evaluations from a wide variety of viewpoints. This section will grow once the camera starts shipping in Sept. 2004.

Articles Menu with 11 pages
All kinds of topics ranging from documented problems, workarounds, "do it yourself" projects, accessory reviews, more... always growing.

Image Gallery with 6 pages
The XL2 as seen from a variety of angles.

User Tips with numerous tips
Stuff you won't find in the manual.

Resources with 1 page
Once you've absorbed all the info on the Watchdog, you'll want to go here for more.
Sponsors with 1 page
The Watchdog is partnered with some of the best, most reputable authorized dealers you can find anywhere. If you're doing some serious shopping, this is the place to be.

Welcome to the XL2 Watchdog

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