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Helpful Articles: In and Around the Canon XL2

This is the biggest section of the XL2 Watchdog, and perhaps the most important. These articles differ from the owner's reports in that they focus on certain specific topics rather than evaluate the camera and its features. Most will be authored by contributors, the initial ones have been written by the Watchdog, and others will be collaborative in nature. We can all look forward to this section expanding a great deal as the camera is explored over time. If you're touring the website in full, then just start at the top of the page and work down.

XL2 Presets Manager Software from Blue Barn Pictures
Download, manage, store, create and share any number of XL2 Custom Preset files using a laptop or desktop PC running Windows XP. This is a free download for registered DV Info Net members.

The CamKote XL2 Camera Cover
Greg Boston steps outside on a rainy day to test drive this cold-weather / rain slicker, designed specifically for the Canon XL2.

Canon Removes "Film Grain" Feature from XL2
Trust me, you won't miss it. The one digital effect the XL2 had is now gone for good, and you should be happy about it.

Fields of View Comparison
Using an assortment of XL lenses and still photo lenses, a variety of frames showing the same target from a stationary camera; with fields of view ranging from very wide to telescopic.

Guide to XL2 Lens Options
A comprehensive look at a variety of XL-mount lenses available for the XL2, complete with a handy reference chart.

Canon XL2 CCD Block Overview
An examination of how Canon derives a native 16:9 widescreen image from a sensor produced in the standard 4:3 shape.

Free Run Time Code as an External Sync
This simple procedure for setting frame-accurate identical time codes to several XL2's will greatly aid a multi-cam shoot, and is every bit as good as having an external sync input to each camera.

Five Essential Items for the XL2
There is an astonishing variety of accessory options available for the XL2. The Watchdog explores the top five items you can't afford to be without.

Canon XL2 Battery Endurance
A reference chart detailing typical recording times using Canon batteries with certain combinations of viewfinders and XL lenses.

How the XL2 Differs From the XL1S
Some old features dropped; lots of new features added. Here's the scoop on how the XL2 and XL1S compare.

Exploring the XL2 Menu System
An outline of the XL2's expansive internal menu options for both camera and VCR modes.

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The XL2 Skinny
A preliminary overview of Canon's new XL2 DV camcorder, successor to the XL1S. A quick look at features, menu system, pricing, new XL lens and much more.

The XL2 Watchdog's F.A.Q.
A sampling of the most common questions which come in from our message boards, with answers about the XL2 and the Watchdog. Start here!

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