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Allan Black September 12th, 2010 01:58 AM

Really .. not saying you're mistaken but that's first time I've heard that one.

The battery keeps charging the cams internal lithium battery while the cam is switched off. You have to take it off to recharge it of course, but if you remove the battery and leave it off long enough, (a month I think) the internal battery goes flat and you lose all the cams custom settings.

Don Palomaki September 15th, 2010 05:32 PM

I suspect it may be a precaution related to long term storage. It may be that there is no "automatic low voltage shut off" when the camcorder is off, and it might be possible to end up with "reverse charge" on a weak cell in the battery, not good, over time.

If you are talking about a few days, probably not an issue, but if yoare talkign about months it is likely another stroy.

Roberto Conte November 19th, 2010 12:04 PM

Batteries failure?
Hi everybody, can anyone help me please?

I have an XL2 with 3 batteries.
When I connect 2 of them to the camera, the camera doesn't power up.
Using another battery, the camera works so I guess it's the batteries at fault.

When I put those batteries on the standard CA-920 charger, the light flashes a couple of times and then remains lit but batteries doesn't charge.
With the third battery no problem.

Those 2 batteries (original BP-930 and BP-945) work until one week ago, the only thing I did was a test with a digital tester to measure the Amps.

Any suggestion to make them work again?

Thanks for any reply.

Chris Soucy November 19th, 2010 02:34 PM

Hi, Roberto...........
Hmm, think you may have "terminated with extreme prejudice" I'm afraid.

Those batteries have an intelligent chip on board which measure all sorts of things (which is where so many "knock off" batteries come unstuck).

One of those would be current drawn, and a test with a meter may have taken them so far into the red zone they shut down to prevent what (they believed) may have been a catastrophic camera melt down otherwise.

If that is so, and I can't think of any other explanation, they're stuffed, quite frankly.



Roberto Conte November 22nd, 2010 11:59 AM


Originally Posted by Chris Soucy (Post 1589749)
Hmm, think you may have "terminated with extreme prejudice" ... a test with a meter may have taken them so far into the red zone ... they're stuffed, quite frankly

Hi Chris, thanks a lot for explanation.
I supposed I did a mistake, but I hope there was way to fix them...
Do you know if Canon service could fix or repair them?

Bye and greetings from Italy

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