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Shawn Kessler March 15th, 2006 04:28 AM

DR-HD100 various topics
anyone heard the reason for the hold up on the firestore DRHD100??

Scott Cantrell March 15th, 2006 01:57 PM

Focus Enhancements has been having problems with dropouts and lost frames when recording HDV to their HDD. JVC is not excepting the product from Focus Enhancements until these problems have been fixed. No ETA has been issued as of yet for when the DRHD100 will be shipping.

Steve Mullen March 15th, 2006 02:40 PM


Originally Posted by Scott Cantrell
No ETA has been issued as of yet for when the DRHD100 will be shipping.

Yet, I've seen Focus ads claiming they have HDV support for almost half a year. Recording HDV from FW to disk is not rocket science! I'd love to know the real story.

Greg Corke March 15th, 2006 04:26 PM

The latest on issues
Well as you guys may or may not know I purchased the hdv firestore some weeks ago as the jvc model was not ready for the start of my project. You may also know that I had some initial problems with either the camera or drive unit when recording 24p hdv.

After extensive talks with both JVC and Holdan the Uk reps for focus I believe the problem is now solved and after sending the unit back to Holdan and getting a replacement I can also confirm that the capture issue lay with the camera. I have been down at tech support at JVC today after they had looked and updated various aspects of the camera and, touch wood, everything is now working as it should.

However, I did discover that there is not one particular firmware that will solve the problem/problems with the camera and it is this factor that I guess is causing so much confusion.

After speaking at length with the tech at JVC it seems that different serial numers require different upgrades of various kinds and I imagine therefore that all of us comparing firmware versions in the hope of finding some connection is almost futile. This also explains why some have experienced problems and others not.

Furthermore, it was also made clear to me that changing certain aspects in certain firmware versions can create more problems. I was told that this is the reason that JVC can't just send an update to end users to install themselves, in fact, every camera must be first assesd on it's own merits as it were and then the solution can be decided upon from there.

Additionaly, with regard to the firestore issue it seems that Focus may possbily write themselves out of JVC compatibility all together for the sake of the badged JVC product.

The problem here is that customers who have bought a firestore unit are, Like myself, going to be left fumbling back and fourth between the two companies trying too work out by a process of elimination why the unit is not working properly.

I have a solution now and all is working as it should but I just hope there are not too manty others that have to go through this involuntary beta testing. In my opinion these companies have got to start being a bit more upfront with the end users or they are going to alienate a significant portion of the market.

Greg C

Tim Dashwood March 15th, 2006 04:33 PM


Originally Posted by Greg Corke
However, I did discover that there is not one particular firmware that will solve the problem/problems with the camera and it is this factor that I guess is causing so much confusion.


Hold your breath for a few days. I imagine the "A" firmware update everyone has been talking about is going to address your specific issues with the Firestore, and get the JVC/Firestore software in sync.

Greg Corke March 16th, 2006 11:26 AM

Thanks Tim
Thanks Tim,

Sorry I think my post may have been misleading. I believe i already have this upgrade both hardware and firware the camera is now working better than it ever has and the fire store also is now working perfectly. Mode changing no longer appears anywhere in the set up similar to your camera and other niggles also appear to of been addressed.

What I was trying to say in my post was that the thing I find a little dissapointing is that the companies involved sound like they are going to be reluctant to admit that these issues exist because of the fact that the firmware is not a standard upgrade across the board but an emalgumation depending on camera model and serial number.

I was lucking to deal with someone very very helpful at Holdan and I also live just a stones throw from JVC HQ in England so it was not as difficult as it may have been to liase with these guys and get results. My real fear is others won't be that lucky and I can only imagine for them there is going to be a lot of waiting and expense while cameras and hard drives are sent back and fourth until the issue is resolved.

I still love this camera I think it's even a minor revolution for indies but end users will only tolerate so much before they become disenchanted. I would just like the companies involved to acknowledge and implicate some kind of plan on how to deal with these issues rather than just sweep them under the carpet and pretend they don't exist.

All the best, Greg C.

Travis Surovcik April 4th, 2006 10:14 AM

In order for the DR-HD100 to work properly on the HD100U system, you need to have the (a) upgrade. The compatability of these products is one of the issues that was fixed in this firmware update.

Also, just to throw this out there, the DR-HD100 80GB drives are now available at ZGC for $1749 with free shipping included.

K. Forman April 4th, 2006 10:27 AM

Are you still getting 4:1:1 with this, or 4:2:0?

Travis Surovcik April 4th, 2006 12:18 PM

You get 4:1:1 in NTSC mode and 4:2:0 in PAL mode.

Stephen Knapp June 24th, 2006 05:22 PM

DR-HD100 firestore with a Sony?
I have a JVC GY-HD100U and I just bought a DR-HD100 to use with that. But I also have a Sony HDR-FX1 and wonder if I can use it with the DR-HD100. And special tricks or adjustments I would have to keep in mind?

Matt McEwen June 26th, 2006 12:45 PM

No, it will work fine with the FX-1. You must have a tape in the transport if you wish to trigger the DR-HD100 from the camera. Also, use the Syncro Slave control mode.

Hope that helps,


Steve Benner July 16th, 2006 06:40 AM

DR-HD100 and Quicktime 24
I set the HD100 to 24PA and encode in DV Quicktime 24. The files import fine and everything into FCP as 23.98 which is great, but if viewing the quicktime file, at the end there is a lot of color noise and no picture. Is this excess frames from the pulldown?

Matt McEwen July 17th, 2006 03:21 PM


There should be a a fix available for this shortly.

Hope that helps,


Steve Benner July 17th, 2006 06:22 PM


Originally Posted by Matt McEwen

There should be a a fix available for this shortly.

Hope that helps,


Do you know what it is then?

Matt McEwen July 19th, 2006 02:00 PM

Hi Steve,

Yes we do and it is fixed, but in beta test at this time. If you don't mind signing up to our beta test program, I can send you a copy.

Email me off line if you are interested.



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