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Richard Veil March 22nd, 2005 03:23 AM

Liteshapers work on any Lightbank with a velcro lip
Or recessed front face. or on Chimera videopro banks
with all of the above and barndoor velcro
4 liteshapers cover your lightbank and move and bend to perfect the chimera perfect light... no really they add control and they add options to our set up
switch reg bank to a strip with some fill

You stick em
You bend them
You bend them to bounce
You bend them to flag
You can make a strip or a snoot
You can neg fill say on a watch on insert
They are made by Chimera only for XP products

I am working on getting BH on board but until then here is the website

There is also a nice link in the thread about flags..re liteshapers.com

In the last show I have attended the liteshapers have been well received and come from the concept of feathered light and control.
You can contact me or liteshaper@charter.net\
so now you know of another tool
. lightshapers, fabric grids, barndoors, flags,

Richard Veil March 23rd, 2005 06:46 PM

Passion..what does that mean to you?
Passion may be the best thing there is for a long life and a sharp mind

Passion can be a curse as well if it becomes an obsession

Our passions change and our relation to passion changes

There has been some argument about passion in the last few days and that passion is genuine and not meant to hurt anyone.

"We are are family. I got all my brothers and sisters with me
we are family.. everybody dance..

and start over.......Any problems left over email me .
too much over too little for no real good spells stop and evaluate and only ask for rational thought and I bet you will find it.
Thanks to everyone for every question and every post.
We are community and photon people..

I really do love you all. look for show date post in announcments and come find me and punch me in the arm


Chris Hurd March 23rd, 2005 07:04 PM

You're a crazy guy, Richard -- but that's what I like best about ya. Looking forward to seeing you again at NAB. Hope to swing by your booth on Monday. Cheers,

Matt Gettemeier March 23rd, 2005 07:22 PM

Passion is defined by what a person sacrifices and devotes to an idea or belief.

If somebody tells me they're passionate about sound... and they think a $500 microphone is expensive... while spending significant cash on other luxuries (TV, hot-tub, new car, etc)... Well, I personally don't believe they are passionate about sound.

Passion is obsessive intelligence in the form of an arrow... AFTER it has left the bow and is in flight towards the goal. Passion is the inertia that keeps the arrow moving while all of life's distractions try to pull that arrow to the ground before it reaches it's destination.

By the way... I like good lighting also...

Richard Veil March 23rd, 2005 07:57 PM

My favorite things
Avenger a475 b convertable boom
light 4 ft in a bag, holds 10lb fully exstended. rv approved

Dedo lights 650 with optical spot or 150 watt with dimmer and direct plug in to AC--rvapproved

I like the www.baglites.com
If you are looking at high key in a big lightbank or small the baglites are compact and work great

A simple product that can do many things with any lightbank with a recessed face and velcro on the lip and or barndoor velcro.
I could see the application from the begining and I am kind of the rep so I am biased but they really can help to feather light and give that extra bounce or fill ect.
Xavier is just getting the 36x48 shapers ready for market and although they are pricey the bigger shapers work great with www.barger-baglites.com
and are an added tool to those who like fabric grids and flags for control
I am working on getting bh to put the item in their system but until then look at the site and check out some nice southern dealers.


c stands.
I really like all the c stand companies so let me mention them all

matthews msegrip..mse
and our NAB stand sponser this year and someone who I really like because he makes my life so easy and make such good products

To get it going and you have 200 dollars buy a tota, bogen 3333stand and umbrella. A tota is a good workhorse light for anyone who needs a light that takes two barndoors, can mount gels, has a speedring available for a lightbank and if you use it like a tool and care for it it will last for years if you use the correct bulbs.

Arri kits I like softlighter II the one with the 1000 watt open face and bank
Mole kits
Desisti lighting kits great lights that don't get their due but are everywhere
when i first got to bh I had a tour of the factory
K5600.com I really like them and their lights. email michael or beth
This is my favorite HMI because all they do is hmi and for the on the go shooter they are my favorite

Mole Digilite HMI under 2k 2nd favorite but I love mole

I like Portabrace.. I just like them and the bags
the kara bags are nice but I like portabrace

I like westcott and peter who reps them at bh. I like their light reflectors but i do think our eng kit is better than the scrimjim for weight and grip head mounting reasons.

strobes that go flash.. ect

Kodak and Fuji are both nice
I like both films but fuji leads in digital in my opinion

I am thinking of getting digital still and I think I want canon

Profoto aka mamiya aka macgroup
great stuff and great people cliffh handles bh. rich p handles the rest
I can't tell you enough about how the profoto people have taught and helped me do a better job helping you.

Dynalite has a nice portable called the jackrabbit and once I needed product at bh and the pres of the company delivered it for the bh customers who were on the way to china.

Kinoflo.. They work it and they make it work

www.douglaswells.com my friend


Richard Veil March 23rd, 2005 08:03 PM

remember the seal song
if we are gonna survive we got to be crazy.

the only difference between me and a mad mad is..
I am not mad

s dalai


I need spell check


Hugh DiMauro March 24th, 2005 07:28 AM

I Concur
They've always done right by me and I am a regular customer. The staff has never ever blown me off. Yes, they are very knowledgeable. When you walk into the store the first sense you get is: PANDEMONIUM. And yet, a sales clerk materializes before your very eyes, asks what you need, punches some computer keys, hands you a printed receipt and off you go to the checkout counter to pick it up. Amazingly fast and accurate.

B & H is not about any bullshit. This place is NOT like B**T B*Y or C*****t C**y where you try to make eye contact with a staff member who runs the other way to avoid you. These B & H employees seek you out! How cool is that?

Jacques Mersereau March 25th, 2005 02:43 PM

<<<-- Originally posted by Matt Gettemeier : Passion is defined by what a person sacrifices and devotes to an idea or belief.

If somebody tells me they're passionate about sound... and they think a $500 microphone is expensive... while spending significant cash on other luxuries (TV, hot-tub, new car, etc)... Well, I personally don't believe they are passionate about sound.->>>

How true Matt!!!! You nailed it.

We live in shack because all our money has been sunk into our doc.


Rob Mitchell March 25th, 2005 08:04 PM

I started using B&H ten years ago when I only shot stills. I'm now on my third video camera, XL-2, and will ony buy from them. Their staff have asisted me in many of my decisions and I've never been let down. It's the safest place to buy all your equipment.

Richard Veil March 29th, 2005 02:52 PM

Blatent self promotion for Chimera products
Remember last year when that girl told you to buy apple stock?
She was only trying to help you make a good investment.
I am trying to do the same here.
All I ask is your rational thought.

You may wish to look at the following products I believe they are worthy of your attention.
Complete Tungten lightkits with 40degree lighttool grids, Avenger A630B stand and Carry bag.
8000 kit-----BH price.. amazing $520 on special.
The grids alone retail for $190

8005 kit-same 1000 watt bulb instead of 500 . same kit

Pancake Lanterns.. work great with HMI, Mogul sockets baretube strobe heads. I am working on a Pancake promo with bulb. I you are interested I will try to get you going. Item 1860,1865,1870

Light Panel kits.. I like the ENG kit- Item 5630
now with soft gold fabric

Also panel kits 5610,5620

The new Octaplus is great and the 5ft turns into a 7 ft. Great with HMI's hotlights or strobes.
The new Item 6058 has a grip head, stand mount and carrybag for $1095 retail.

There is a 5ft octaplus item 6050 retail $665
3ft 6030 $455
I really like the 3 foot and look for Octabanks soon on a tv and movie set near you for round catchlite

Microbanks for on camera lights
We make custom kits for each light and they are great and used by most high end shooters. I know we sent a bunch to Qatar or someplace in the mideast.

The Quick release ring is coming. We wanted it perfect and we had some problems so sorry for the delay. One thing Chimera does not do is rush products to market of less than sublime quality. Chimera Lightbanks are Made in Boulder CO and carry a 5yr warr. We can repair lightbanks out of warranty and they last a long time 10yrs plus.
Our cloth is the best. Our diffusion material is the best. Our cutting is the best with our 50k computer cutter. Our sewers are the best and our customer service is the best.

Arri, Mole, Desisti, K5600 all use Chimera lightbanks in their kits.
Thanks we are honored by all who use Chimera Products.\
I send people to Lowel who want Rifa's and they send me people who need banks for their Lowel Lights.
Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Richard Veil March 29th, 2005 05:37 PM

IN May I will be in Houston. Maybe meet at TEXCAM
If you are interested let me know

Around May 2nd.


Grip house great people local resource



Richard Veil March 31st, 2005 02:42 PM

Barger Baglites at WWW.filmtools.com
You might want to check out


ask for Stan if you need help


is the website for these durable powerful lights that use videopro or Quartz banks.

Chimera and Baglites are being used all over and on the sets of Desperate Housewives and Joan of Arcadia.

thanks for your consideration.

PS. Baglites are not available at BH just to save you time.

Richard Veil March 31st, 2005 03:18 PM

Dealers/People you might want to visit Part ONe
Texas, NYC, NJ, Oregon, Seattle, Los Angeles, Misc part one
LA incomplete and NYC I am sure
Well you know you got Chimera and www.mikescamera.com in boulder Co.
I would love some of you to go and invade the factory I only go there a few times a year 1812 valtec off arapahoe 888 444 1812 - We have a cool computer cutting table and that would be the highlight of your tour except for the smiles and them saying Richard always wants to give discounts and now he is sending people to the factory for tours. We actually make the stuff there and with our sewing people around the area. Go check it out if you are around. Look for Laura or Eileen or Renee who is not sales but is the coolest person ever. Paul is our shipper and our most under rewarded warrior.

Mamiya,Prophoto,Sekonic Lightmeters, Flash Wizards, bags, cases,Montaco color control for Dig still management, Awesome stuff. Great strobes cameras ect. Know their stuff and make things tough!

www.douglaswells.com I like him and his work. 2 page spread in recent American Photo

www.tomkirkman.com fabulous work.. awesome.

www.power-of-lighting.com learn to light at DV expo ect. I have worked dozens of shows and met a hundred people in our booth who have been to his seminar and never has anyone said they did not get more than their moneys worth. Bill Holshevnekolff or whatever your name it.. just kidding why don't you change it..that is an inside joke Bill Holshevnikoff Rocks!

Canon still and video
Kodak and Fuji

Rosco and Gam gels lee too
www.microdolly.com great for dv

www.prophotosuppy.com Dave is your store contact and he is super cool.
He also teaches lighting. dave@prophotosupply.com will get you going.
No tax in Oregon if you are visiting and buying something. Now that is cool.

Seattle WA
www.glazers.com Jim Pope is your man in their amazing store that may be the best I have ever seen. They rent and sell and know their stuff.

Los Angeles CA
Samy's camera... Jim is the man in Lighting at the fairfax store
www.filmtools.com Stan is the man
www.PIC.com or pic rentals 24 hour rental and store on Fairfax
www.bandpro.com Nir is great
www.mole.com paul royalty is contact
www.k5600.com Great HMI.. Michael is contact
www.barger-baglite.com Ed Barger and wife - Awesome
www.MSEgrip.com Bob is contact
www.kinoflo.com somewhere I think
PRS across the street from Burns and Sawyer
I will add a grip list if I can. there are so many.

Bogenphoto / Avenger Ken Emker is the man- Home of the A475B
Lowel Lighting in Brooklyn Eric is the Man east and Brady west
Uniquephoto or unique.com NJ kind of out there store and web,
Barbizon NYC is near bh and a good place.
Adorama, Rental and store - Rocky store-
Fotocare- rental and store Vinny/store, Tommy/sales, fred/rental
K&M downtown troy for rental downstairs. sales upstairs
Alkit on park ave.. sales and rental - Alan or Jeff rental
B&H just a little store.. you want a name... Carlos runs lighting in store
You got all the grip houses
panavision, feature systems on and on......
RGH is great grip house Rob is contact
Xeno grip and sales.. see Chris or Andy Chris is the best there is period!

Arlington camera Xavier is contact Bill Porter owner and great guy.
www.liteshapers.com Xavier and Patricia awesome people
Competitive camera- Eugene or Ramsey rental and sales
kennedy eng Video contact Nate
Ft Worth camera contact Jeff or Charlie Liteshaper dealer!
Dallas Camera Exchange Rental and sales Steve is contact greg owner

You got some big rental houses Dallas TX
MPS Brad is the boss
Panavision dallas- Teresa
electriclight Adrian or Michael
barbizon dallas contact mandy
TFN Sales in same building as Panavision Jeff or David

Houston you got
Texcam grip house bob is boss
Houston Camera Exchange sales look for Hitch
Litetech houston Rental and sales contact Bryant

www.Precision- Camera.com contact Greg, Jerry Sullivan owner
Olden Lighting - griphouse and sales.. contact walter olden
www.Gearrental.com Toby rents and sells, Jason is the Man
Imageware Sales Borne tx. contact gary or allen
Protape Austin Sales Craig owner.. phillip contact

So these are all great people with my seal of approval so please be nice and let me know if you have any problems or if I can help. I give this all to you because you all all also great people and should hook up.


Richard Veil April 1st, 2005 02:59 AM

New Light from Duvantec.com needs no power.
It is truly amazing it runs on air and puts out 500 watts of continuous light and is as light as a book of matches.

I can put it in my pocket and light an entire set on the automatic setting.

It has 5 configurations and 14 million color control combinations.
The unit is made by Taoist Monks in Antartica and said to be run by the Donald Trump.


Richard Veil April 1st, 2005 06:42 PM

Great Photo links of Great lighting
strobes ProPhoto, Banks Chimera
Doug is understated and the most knowledgeable person I know about strobes. He has tested and shot or sold every light there is.
You can call him dougylove or dougyfresh but never call him before 9 am.
just kidding


I forgot how good he was until I just looked at the site again
and Doug reminded me to put him along side.
We all used to work at BH together.
Dedo lights as much as possible
Desisti, Mole, Arri the works. optical spots, iris, flags, gobo's Chimera Lightbanks, Lighttool 20 degree grids, Profoto strobe heads, packs
A true master of color and style t kirkman
Liteshapers soon I am sure when he sees them.
Both use Avenger grip from www.bogenphoto.com

a hell of a lot of talent in a wise and very cool man.

HI Tommy see you in July along with Fernando who works on Sundays only at BH and is super talented , shoots, working on a book, speaks spanish and knows his stuff. I will post his website soon.
Sunday is crazy there but Fernando is not.He is the eye in the middle of the store I meant storm but he is both.You rock you Ecuadorian Prince.
He is one the the best ever at whatever he does. They all are and I am honored to call them my Shundee.

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