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Charles Papert June 2nd, 2006 03:03 PM

I always recommend this show to DVI'ers as it is a chance to see and handle the absolute state-of-the-art high end gear in a relaxed environment (outdoors, for one!). Much more friendly than NAB, for instance. If you've ever freeze-framed a behind the scenes doc on a DVD to get a better look at some exotic sort of camera rig, this is the show for you--cameras are literally flying everywhere, on cranes, cables, remote control skateboards, you name it. All the film gear to be sure, but also the high end HD rigs can be inspected close-up and their images viewed on monitors--Genesis, D-20, Dalsa, Viper, etc. For the lighting fans, as well as Richard's booth there's everything from LED onboard camera lights to massive balloon lights represented.

Not to mention, many of the top cinematographers working today can be seen strolling around and are generally approachable for questions. It's a great show if you are in LA or can travel a bit.

Lorinda Norton June 3rd, 2006 10:40 AM

Oh man....this sounds so great....I would give almost ANYTHING to be there!!! If I didn't have commitments on those dates I'd drop everything and attend.

Richard, I'd like to meet you, and Charles--oh my gosh, was it a thrill to talk with you at DVi HQ during NAB!!!!! :)

Richard Veil August 6th, 2006 11:05 PM

HI. More to follow but www.dvexpo.com is in NOV
It used to be in DEC in LA
Still at the Staples center

But we must now remember
the dv expo is in november
when the gunpowder burned and the weak all surrendered


Richard Veil August 8th, 2006 01:03 AM

Information Led thread. link in message to blue tint. I hope your all doing great
Link to blue led that started this whole late night thread

I am honored by a good friend Dejan George Vich DP ASC

When I was going to do Cine Gear LA... aka saw my brother Chris H.. the man.. but I digress..

I was talking to Dejan
who is begining 3 pounds a tv show
at Kaughman studio in astoria,
what can I look into for you at c-gear?

Answer Led and some Kino...

I learned the following or am learning the following on LED

The whole thing is really just getting accurate

The story.. LED comes from interior lighting. color temp not super important.. took time to convice the makers that with work all the film head are interested but color temp a problem since.. interior your eye
... well it don't care.. the eye is amazing

The Arri Light panel is not led it is Zeno which I am also thinking about but you know what.. I did not know that. I had somehow thought Led but no... Arri makes no LED light

Mole seems to have no plans

Lightpanel.com is the guy who seems to be the one company who is really making a LED beside I thing sachler.. I don't want to diss anyone but I mean anything that is bigger than a post card LED
Chimera has no Led.
this is all for you

bottom line.. work in progress
litepanel.. god I hope I got the name right ... going by memory is on the curve

even Hmi need Gels.. so I would look at gel.. oh same for the 3 point
emergency lighting dude..
I am not writing a word and did not look at your home depo link.. I am guessing..
but yea. bounce, gel, diffuse. increase size of light source,
Think look at all the post from all the other people here I highly respect and there must me a million replys to the

I want cheap light kit thread.
I think you will find this is the kindest site of it's kind or any kind where people don't jump down your spine and rag on you but

consider this

Utilize any search on this site before asking basic questions

Remember this is all made by one and I have never had the honor of meeting ken or other crew.

This is about learning.
You will never find a site like this anywhere and Mr Chris Hurd look out for you.. Just to be here we should all send Chris a check.
do you see pop ups.. .. yea maybe we should have some.
Chris- You rock... your pen lights up my life..


Bob Grant August 8th, 2006 04:18 PM

If you're interested in a rather unique LED light then look up Zylight. Switchable between daylight and tungsten presets plus variable color over the whole spectrum and you can link multiple units via Bluetooth.

Richard Veil August 8th, 2006 05:21 PM

I remember a couple years ago a Apple guy came by at NAB
And he started buzzing my mind with that kind of stuff

"all you need to do is combine the colors of the spectrum ect ect.
and on and on... I was like WOW.
any info on them welcome... I see lots of smaller lights for on camera but as far a large lightsources only the litepanel guy

bluetooth sounds interesting.


Originally Posted by Bob Grant
If you're interested in a rather unique LED light then look up Zylight. Switchable between daylight and tungsten presets plus variable color over the whole spectrum and you can link multiple units via Bluetooth.

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