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Kenyon Gerbrandt August 16th, 2012 07:58 AM

Re: HMC150, Sony HC7, SV K42u light kit
Price drop on the HMC150 kit...I'll take $2400 and include the cost of shipping.
On the Sony HC7...make me an offer.

Geen White August 16th, 2012 10:51 AM

Re: Swiveling Dolly Trucks - DIY Camera Dolly Wheel Assembly Kit - $75 Shipped - US
Price drop. Now $70

Chris Medico August 16th, 2012 12:16 PM

Re: Swiveling Dolly Trucks - DIY Camera Dolly Wheel Assembly Kit - $75 Shipped - US
Did you have more than 1 sets?

Geen White August 16th, 2012 03:48 PM

Re: Swiveling Dolly Trucks - DIY Camera Dolly Wheel Assembly Kit - $75 Shipped - US
I have 2 more. Did you get your set today?

Chris Medico August 16th, 2012 04:04 PM

Re: Swiveling Dolly Trucks - DIY Camera Dolly Wheel Assembly Kit - $75 Shipped - US
The box arrived today. Got to get them unpacked and checked out.

Michael Stewart August 16th, 2012 04:32 PM

Re: nanoFlash kit, Nano Flash $1400
SOLD, Thanks:)

Michael Kladky August 16th, 2012 04:48 PM

Video editing software
I have gotten out of the video business
These are legit discs, not copies!!
They are just sitting
They have been removed from my system. I have boxes, discs and passwords

ALL FOR $650 includes shipping and Paypal

Red Giant software
Trapcode Suite 11/ Magic Bullet Suite 11/ Keying Suite 11/ Image lounge 1.4.5/ Trapcode Shine 1.5.0/Trapcode sound keys 1.12/ Magic Bullet Suite 2.0/ KnollLight Factory for Photoshop 3.2/ Key Correct Pro 1.0.1/ Knoll Light Factory 2.7/ Holamatrix 1.2/ Psunami 1.3/ Trapcode Particuliar 1.5.1/ Planespace 1.4/ Toonit 2.1/Primatte Keyer Pro 4.0/ Text Anarchy 2.4/ Trapcode Lux 1.0.2

Digital Juice software
Presenter's Toolkit/ Editors Toolkit 2/ Editors Toolkit 3/ Compositors Toolkit 1/ Compositors Toolkit 2/ Motion Designers Toolkit 1/ Motion Designers Toolkit 6/ Motion Designers Toolkit 7/ Juice Drops shadedResults 2/ Juice Drops total Focus 3/ Editor's Toolkit 2: Multipurpose Tools II /
Juice Drops 24: geoIMPACT /
Jump Backs 01: High Impact I /
Jump Backs 08: High Impact VI /
Jump Backs 16: High Impact VII /
Jump Backs 21: High Impact VIII /
Jump Backs 25: All Music /
Jump Backs 31: Maximum Impact /
Jump Backs 34: All Hallow's Eve /
Jump Backs 39: Base Camp II /
Jump Backs 52: All Fire /
Jump Backs 56: Gridscape /
Editor's Themekit 103: Film Arena /
Editor's Themekit 114: Under The Sea /
Editor's Themekit 121: Antiquity /
Editor's Themekit 123: Roses are White /
Editor's Themekit 52: Cloudy Daze /
Editor's Themekit 60: Hollywood Lights /
Editor's Theme kit 65: Countdown ./
Editor's Themekit 88: Heavenly Light /
Editor's Toolkit Pro Single 044: Candle Light /
Editor's Toolkit Pro Single 163: Hot Zone /
Editor's Toolkit Pro Single 164: Future Damage /
Editor's Toolkit Pro Single 175: Tech Marquee /
Editor's Toolkit Pro Single 183: Erratic Wall /
Editor's Toolkit Pro Single 187: Screen Light /
Editor's Toolkit Pro Single 191: Desert Heat /
Editor's Toolkit Pro Single 201: Sparkle Array /
Editor's Toolkit Pro Single 228: Burning Ambition /

Zaxwerks Software

Sonicfire Pro 5/ Richard Band Scoring suites Vol.7/ Richard Band vol. 1 Action/ Richard Band vol. 2 Horror/ Heroic Overtures Strata series/ Classical suite 1/ Orchestral Impact --Producer series Vol 32

The Producers sound effect library: Applause/ Doors/ Sci-Fi SY-1/ Sci Fi SY-2/ Sci Fi SY-3/ Traffic-general/ 101 sound Effects/ Trains -- general/ Oceans and Lake/ Rain and Thunder/ Crowds & Festivals/ Restaurants and Cafes/ Telephones

FootageFirm software
AE templates: Sparks/ Effects/ Energy/ photo/ Ink
Pre-Keyed clips: Blasts/ Flames Vol. 1/ Flames Vol.2/ HD time lapse sky

Video Copilot
Pro Scores

Don Bloom August 16th, 2012 05:18 PM

FS: Canon XF100 with extras
Hey folks, I'm helping out a friend.
He has a Canon XF100 with approximately 12 hours on it for sale.
He's including 2X32 gig cards and 2 batteries.
The original Canon battery and a large capacity battery.
He's asking $2900.00 plus shipping and insurance for the setup but he might be open to realistic offers.
If interested contact me and I'll pass it along to him.
Thanks for looking!

Scott Auerbach August 16th, 2012 05:57 PM

Re: For Sale: Bebob Zoe DVXL and FOXI zoom & focus controllers

Ethan Cooper August 17th, 2012 07:14 AM

Cameras, Monitor, Raid, other stuff
Anyone still buying tape based cameras these days?

Sony FX7 ($1,100 obo)
• in good shape
• used as a wedding camera
• good many miles on her but she works fine
• 2 batteries (350, 970) & AC plug
• will include extra NP970's for a fair price
• will include Petrol bag for a fair price
• heck, I even have the original box around here somewhere so that counts for something right?

Sony FX7 ($250 or I take it out back and shoot it)
• piece of crap
• stopped focusing for some unknown reason
• chromatic aberration everywhere
• just a guess but I think an element in the lens went out of alignment
• but hey, the tape mechanism still works great
• it looks neat on a shelf

HV20 ($250 obo)
• it does HV20 stuff
• rock solid
• don't tell the FX7's but I always liked this little guy better
• mainly used as a deck cause I couldn't put my ego aside to bring it out on jobs
• honestly, I loved the image from this camera
• doesn't have the little battery it came with, my brother-in-law lost that
• includes larger capacity battery so I guess you could say it's been upgraded

Dell 2407 Monitor ($240 obo)
• pretty darn color accurate
• I feel like it needs another point but there isn't much to say, its a good monitor

iMac 4,1 ($220 obo)
• 17"
• 1.83 Intel Core Duo
• 2GB ram
• 250GB hard drive
• probably wont be your editing machine but it'll cut audio just fine or run your quickbooks
• still looks nice on a desk
• includes keyboard, mouse, a clean install of 10.6.whatever

Sans Digital TowerRaid TR4M ($85 obo)
• 4 drive bays
• includes bundled SATA card & software
• I always used it as a JBOD so can't speak to it's usefulness as a raid

Corsair 4GB (2x2GB) ram ($45 obo)
• CM2X2048 - 6400C5 (if that helps)
• 800MHz
• DDR2
• never used, bought the wrong stuff and then stuck it in my closet for a few years. Smart huh?

All prices are relative to how badly I need to make my yacht payment this month feel free to make a reasonable offer. Pictures will be up when I have time, probably this weekend.

Prefer to ship in the US but will ship to anyone waving enough money in my face.

Barry Hunt August 18th, 2012 01:44 AM

Re: Canon XA10
price reduced to 1400 euro plus will throw in at897 mic.
if interest email me and i will send on picutres.

Tom Miller August 18th, 2012 08:06 AM

Re: SONY AX2000/Rain Slicker fits NX5U
Cameras still available and in great condition! My $500 loss is your gain!

Dave Mercer August 18th, 2012 09:33 AM

Re: FS100 in like new condition
You ever sell this Gabe?

Inna Lantsman August 18th, 2012 12:03 PM

KATA KTBP-502 Case
4 Attachment(s)
Great condition BACKPACK for medium and compact camcorders. Slightly modified for a perfect fit of Sony PMW EX-3 or Canon DSLR’s with large lens, laptop and many accessories $50.00 (972) 985-9304

Carrying options include: Advanced adjustable and ergonomically designed harness system, which can be concealed, Insert trolley connection sleeve, and injected grip handle. Buyer pays shipping.

Let me know if you are interested.

Jeff Mayne August 18th, 2012 06:49 PM

Complete in home photography studio sale
I have multiple items from my photography studio closeout that need to move and make way for my new video cameras. I have the complete list of items and all of the items on this list are less than 6 months old. Feel free too look through my list and ask any questions that you may have or submit any serious offers. I will combine shipping on all items and I do not really want to break the tether tools system up if I can at all help it. I would also like to sell the 7D with the compact flash cards and the Blackrapid strap and battery grip. I do have four batteries for this camera, two which have never been used. I can find out how many shutter actuations there have been also, but I can assure you it's not many. Thanks for looking, Jeff

Canon EOS 7D - $1000.00
Canon Battery Grip BG-E7 - $75.00
Canon EF 24-105mm f/4.0 L Lens - $750.00
Lee Filter Foundation Kit (never used) - $89.97 - http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/87108-REG/LEE_Filters_FK_Foundation_Kit_Standard_4x4.htmlLee Adapter ring (never used) – 77mm - $59.95 - http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/87147-REG/LEE_Filters_WAR077_Adapter_Ring_77mm.htmlCanon 550ex flash used (2) - $175.00
SanDisk Extreme 16gb $50.00 (2) – $100.00
BlackRapid RS-Sport Camo - $69.95
Think Tank Airport Security V2.0 Rolling Camera Bag used - $200
Really Right Stuff BH-55 with clamp (used two or three times)- $455.00
Manfrotto Background Support System – $200.00 - http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/648381-REG/Manfrotto_1314B_Background_Support_System.html
3 Canvas Muslims –
1 – 10x12 grey/black - $50.00
1 – 10x20 Black - $99.00
1 – 10x20 White - $99.00

Photoflex Light Stand LS-2218 Lite Stand (used once or twice)- $100.00
Lastolite Medium EzyBox Softbox (never used) - $249.99 - Medium Ezybox Softbox (2' X2') LL LS2460 - EzyBox Studio | Lastolite
Lastolite Trigrip diffuser (never used) - $112.00 - 48'' TriGrip 1 Stop Diffuser LL LR3751 - TriGrip | Lastolite
Manfrotto 175F-1 Spring Clamp with Flash Shoe (never used) - $53.90

Lacie 1TB Rugged Mini (never used) - $150.00
TetherTools (never used) – Tether Table Aero laptop podium tray mounts on all tripods including Gitzo and Manfrotto as well as any studio photography light stand
Aero Master – $199.95
Aero XDC Duo –$ 54.95
Strap Moore – $18.95
Aero Pro Pad – $17.95
Aero Hook 3 pak –$ 12.95
Peel and Place Mouse Pad – $11.95
Tether Tools Essentials Pack – $47.60
Secure Strap – $17.95
Manfrotto 131DDB Tripod accessory arm – $139.95
Tether Tools Replacement Storage Case – $25.99
Think Tank Pixel Sunscreen – $69.95
TetherPro USB 2.0 15ft – $36.95

Total Tether Tools - $655.09 - you can make me an offer on the whole tether system

Total invested in package – 4950.00 +

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