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Jason Magbanua March 3rd, 2007 04:46 PM

Same Day Edit - Feb 12
Hi all.

If you have time to spare, kindly check out this video.


Thanks for watching.

Shot with FX1s and edited on Prem Pro on a Dell XPS 1210.

Sheldon Blais March 3rd, 2007 05:22 PM

Wow Jason....that was like watching a movie. Your presentation is so unique and so different than stuff I've seen before. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed watching it....

Joe Allen Rosenberger March 3rd, 2007 05:23 PM



I loved all of it.....you have an awesome eye, definately some of the best stuff I've seen around.

Thanks for sharing.....and give yourself a pat on the back.

Bob Thieda March 3rd, 2007 05:43 PM


Very, very nice......

Bob T.

Jason Magbanua March 3rd, 2007 05:54 PM

thanks for watching :)

Kit Hannah March 3rd, 2007 06:56 PM

Yeah, that was really good - your framing on shots is excellent, almost looks like you had a professional DP planning all the shots. Keep up the incredible work.

Bill Anciaux March 3rd, 2007 07:26 PM


I watched it once alone, then called my wife and son (6yrs) over to see it. We were riveted. It is truly breathtaking and inspiring work. This is the kind of film I love to study over..and over...and try to learn from.



Ben Lynn March 3rd, 2007 08:36 PM

Wow Jason, that was great.

It wasn't the shots that grabbed my attention, those were great, but it was your audio track. That was a great remix track. And editing wise, I love the straight cuts. Very clean. Good stuff.


Jason Magbanua March 4th, 2007 07:20 PM

The track is Wonderwall as sung by Ryan Adams. :)

Mark Morikawa March 4th, 2007 07:30 PM

wow... really cinematic.

now was that a same day edit right before the reception? (holding my breath)

thank you for sharing

Franklin Bencosme March 4th, 2007 08:50 PM

Very Very Nice Jason....

Jon Omiatek March 4th, 2007 09:42 PM

Amazing, truly one of the best i've watched. How many cameras did you use for the shoot?

Thank you for sharing!


Victor Kellar March 4th, 2007 10:25 PM

Just adding to the chorus of superlatives. I totally loved the track and the fact that it obviouslly had personal resonance with the couple is terrific.

Beautiful filming technique, very emotional. I seemed to be seeing shots from the reception .. generally our same days include material up to the reception .. we show it just before couple enters hall.

Demo quality stuff indeed

Jason Magbanua March 5th, 2007 01:01 AM

Thanks guys.

It was shot with two cameras and yup it's a same day edit for the reception dinner. The only time we can put reception footage on an SDE is if they choose to do the first dance upon entering the ballroom. We ask about it and plan ahead of time so I just leave blanks on the timeline where I decide to put the dance shots.

Here in Manila, it's ususally shown after dinner and before the games.


Mark Morikawa March 5th, 2007 01:38 AM

wow... i can't believe thats a same day edit... unreal

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