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VX2000, PD150 & DSR250 Information Resources

My website is by no means the only spot where you can find information about these camcorders. There's a lot of other places on the web which you should really check out if you're seriously interested in learning more about the VX2000, PD150 and the DSR250. I hope you'll use this page as a starting point to all these other cool internet locations.

Sony Owner's Manuals (in PDF format)
Other VX2000/PD150 Websites
Sony PD150 Brochure (in .PDF format)

Perry Mitchell's Guide to Sony Websites

Official Sony VX2000 pages (English)
Official Sony PD150 pages (English)

Sony Media Finder
Sony Customer Support

Sony Owner's Manuals

If you have an Adobe Acrobat Reader, then clicking on these links will open these .PDF files in an Acrobat window. If you wish to download them instead of opening them, then right-click with your mouse and choose "save target as" or "save link as."

Sony DSR250 Manual
Sony PD150 Manual
Sony VX2000 Manual

Some other VX2000/PD150 Websites has some Memory Stick images available for download, including a couple of widescreen 16:9 letterbox mattes. Thanks to Calico Digital Media Productions in Houston for pointing out this link.
Bob Stevers became justifiably tired of waiting for me to throw these pages together, so he jumped onto the world wide web on his own and self-published a series of articles about his experiences with the PD150.
Brooks Reid's comprehensive VX2000 review in the Reports section is absolutely essential, required reading. He first published it on his own website, and I'm grateful for his permission to run it on the Companion. Check out the original version at this link.
David Ruether was very kind to allow me to re-print his extensive VX2000 review in the Reports section. Going to his pages will allow you to read the original version of his review, plus several other camcorder reports with comparison frame-grabs, descriptions of motion-video appearance, and more.
Jan van der Meer at Global DVC in the Netherlands was able to post some of the first VX2000 and PD150 information for public availability. Therefore, these pages are mandatory reading... just keep in mind that English is not Jan's primary language. Global DVC is widely regarded as one of the top European DV sites, and was one of the very first websites in the world to be devoted entirely to digital video.
Chuck Littman, popularly known as The Chuckmeister, hosts the infamous SuperVideo website which, with its world famous video rumour mill, is proud to call itself the Mother Of All DV Sites. Chuck has a secret which allows him to get the scoop on advance DV products coming from Japan. Be warned, however, that navigating his wild 'n' woolly website can be a bit of challenge. Patience while the pages load... enjoy.

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