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Helpful Articles about the VX2000 and PD150

I'm in the process of gathering useful articles which discuss various aspects of VX2000 and PD150 operation. This series will expand, hopefully, to include information about storage solutions, optional third-party accessories, and more. What you see here is just the beginning, and with your input, the collection should grow considerably.

Audio Performance and Interconnection with the Sony PD150
Jon Tatooles of Sound Devices has drafted a comprehensive and technical examination of PD150 audio performance; reprinted here with permission.
Antarctica DV150 Protective Jacket
From Moving Vision, based in the UK, John Lubran presents an effective inclimate weather solution for the PD150.
Color Bars for Memory Sticks
Bob Stevers offers up a pair of standard color bars which you can record to memory stick and use in the field.
PD150 Custom XLR Audio Mic Cable
Bob Stevers had a special cable made which reduces the clutter on his camcorder. He describes how you can get one, too.

Thrown together by Chris Hurd

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