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Sony HVR-Z1 / HDR-FX1
Pro and consumer versions of this Sony 3-CCD HDV camcorder.

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Old July 24th, 2005, 06:10 AM   #241
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A testing update on this anomaly

Here's a post today I made to the VX2k Yahoo forum where a fellow has exactly same video defects, but with totally different setup.

Have used 3 different s-video cables with exact same results! Weird...


Amazing coincidence here, but completely different conditions. I have the exact same 'jerking', 'smearing', tearing kind of defect in some DV footage of a local park. I was doing a camera test, and panning about 75 degrees in 8 seconds or so. I felt very sick when I saw the defects, but am currently totally confused as to what the problem is. Like a vertical rippling effect across the picture with the 'smears/tears' occuring in top part of picture only.

I was testing my new Z1 camera by recording to HDV tape. To save running the Z1 over and over to check footage (lots of different settings tested) I downconverted to DV SP. The video went from Z1 HDV tape - through Z1 downconvert - to Sony GVD900 minDV recorder at DV SP setting. (NOT LP). Here is what I found: (Hence the sick feeling at first thinking the Z1 downconvert was duff.)

1. 'Anomolies' appear ONLY on my home widescreen Panasonic 28" TV.
2. 'Anomolies' appear ONLY when using s-video playback to TV. Ok on composite.
3. Playback is perfect on studio Sony 14" monitor (widescreen or 4:3). s-video or composite.
4. Playback perfect on studio Panasonic 4:3 22" TV (although stretched vertically of course). s-video or comp.
5. Playback perfect direct from Z1 via s-video or composite to anything.
6. Playback 'anomolies' via s-video occur using the GVD900, a GVD300, or my old TRV900 camcorder!!

So. Where do we go from here??? My only conclusion so far is that 'something' on the recorded DV tape is upsetting my widescreen TV picture. But what??? And will it reappear elsewhere?

Hope that helps. It isn't your LP setting. And with different cameras in use, it seems the only common thing is the DV format, and maybe you have an old Panasonic widescreen TV too??? Model TC28WG12G. (??)

Hong Kong

Subject: [vx2k] Anomolies when using LP on VX2K?

Is it "normal" to see "anomolies" when recording in LP mode on the VX2K?

I don't know what the right term for "anomolies" would be, but I'm seeing mall areas of the picture do a slight jerking or smearing when recording in LP mode.

It seems to occur usually when the camcorder is doing quick pans or being quickly moved about setting up for the next shot in a live music concert environment.

Is using TDK 60 minute tapes and have Super Steadyshot turned on.

A set segment sometimes goes as long as 1.5 hours, so I'd like to use LP so I don't have to change tapes in the middle of the action.

So, is what I'm seeing "normal", i.e. I should not use LP and use SP?

Jim M
Richard Entwistle
Hong Kong

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Etymotic earplugs - question for spot


I know that you have both a Z1 and Etymotics ER6 earplugs, so I guess that you are the best person to ask this.

Do the ER6's give enough output for good quality monitoring on the Z1? I want to go down the earplug route for many reasons when I travel light - and had toyed with the idea of getting the less accurate, but higher output ER6i's if the 6's were not loud enough with the Z1.

Thanks for any advice.

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Old August 3rd, 2005, 10:51 PM   #243
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HDR-FX1 Minimum light spec. is 3 lux, F1.6

My Sony TRV900 has same spec. yet is 4 times faster than my FX1. Am wondering if FX1 needs servicing.
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Old August 5th, 2005, 09:37 AM   #244
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Z1U used in movie "Fever Pitch"

Hey, I got my latest issue of "HighDef" magazine...

DP Greg Le Duc used the Sony Z1U for the ending credits in "Fever Pitch"!

Check out Greg Le Duc's site:

I'm going to Netflix the DVD and check it out..

If you don't subscribe to HighDef - I'd do it.
Christopher C. Murphy
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FX1 Help shutter speed


Please could someone tell me when you would need to use a shutter speed of 10000? And the same goes for 25 when would you use this kind of slow shutter speed for?

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Anything less than 60 you will get motion blur if you have moving objects
on the footage. For slow motion in post, it would be best to up this to 125 or higher. Slower shutter speeds also are used when working with lower lighting, but then again my first statement would come into play.

The higher shutter speeds would be used for high motion shots, eg fast moving vehicles, action shots in sports etc. I verseldom go

I would really suggest some testing so that you can ascertain for yourself which setting would suit your shot.

Most shooters tend to find shutter speed settings for certain types of shots and use these as a marker for adjustment

MJ Productions
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Sony HDR-FX1 video.... wmvHD compression

Do not stream... download the video and watch!

161+ megabytes wmvHD 1080 compression

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Old August 7th, 2005, 01:18 PM   #248
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Nice. But I recommend deinterlacing it, as you get heavy horizontal lines when watched on a PC Monitor. Even in 1080 but mainly in 720 downscaling.


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Old August 8th, 2005, 01:59 AM   #249
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best quality

In regards to watching videos off the fx1/z1, which will give me the best output for visual and audio quality..using component out or the IEEE 1394 thing. Cause I hear mixed answers when I ask local sales reps.

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Old August 8th, 2005, 02:06 AM   #250
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If it's already recorded on tape, then the 1394 firewire output will be the best quality you can possibly get.

If you're not recording to tape, and just using the camera as a live-feed head, then the analog component outputs would be your best bet.
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Old August 14th, 2005, 10:09 AM   #251
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Z1u or FX1 footage in Mexico


Is there anyone in the Mexico City area with a Z1U or FX1 that is available for camera work? If so, please conact me ASAP.

Garius Hill
MuseCycle Media
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Old August 15th, 2005, 04:45 PM   #252
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Garius- I'm in San Miguel Allende , which is 3 hours north- drop me a note at thanks- Kurth-ps I've got a z1 w/pmac running finalcut studio
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Sony's TV commercial

Sony has just started to advertise HDV.
Ever since Sony officially anounced the release of HDR-FX1, they had advertised the whole corporate effort on development of high definition video products (including the product images of Cinealta, HDCAM, HDR-FX1 and HVR-Z1J), the next one was an independent product advertisement of already well accepted HDR-HC1. Now the latest commertial is a high qualitiy looking advertisement of general ideas about HDV but stricktly using some product image cuts of HDR-FX1.

I see HC1 all over my town (Shibuya), oftenly held by young girls shooting themselves (this could be some kind of campaign effort).

They are flooding the market with HDV before Panasonic is releasing AG-HVX200.
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Good price on Z1--dealer repuatable?
Is anyone familiar with FHVideo? They seem reputable...
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I went to Sony's Broadcast and Business website, and it doesn't turn this company up as an authorized dealer. Of course that doesn't mean they are not. Why do you think they "seem reputable?" Are they located near you? If not, then why do you want to purchase from them?

That link doesn't show a price for the z1. Last time I checked at B&H they were selling the Z1 for $4,800 and that's pretty close to the price I've seen at other reputable companies. If someone advertises anything substantially below that it's a red flag.

Here at DVinfo we urge you to support our sponsors since they make this site possible, and they have all been screened for value, integrity and service. You'll find a complete list here:
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