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  18. Canon XA30
  19. Matching 24p camcorder footage to Canon EOS Cinestyle profile?
  20. XA20 replacement hood?
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  22. WA-H58 lens hood / sun shade
  23. "Replacement" BP-820/828 batteries for HF-G30
  24. Experimental Video shot on HV30
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  26. What .mts transfer utility (that works with Windows 10?)
  27. In place of hfm56/506/52
  28. Focusing strategies for Dance Recital
  29. What format and bit rate should I use?
  30. XA20 XLR removable handle not working
  31. Compatble Cameras for Canon G30,s
  32. Stabilizers
  33. Audio on camera, not on PC
  34. Canon XA10 Modding
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  36. XA20: what's a good bag?
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  42. XA10 Question
  43. XA35 and gimbal setup
  44. New hd camcorders
  45. Canon XA20 recording and lifestreaming at the same time
  46. Mixing G25 with DSLR footage
  47. Relay Recording in auto
  48. Canon G20 auto exposure too bright
  49. XA25. Switching cards
  50. Canon XA20 or HF G30 settings for weddings