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David Stembridge July 6th, 2010 03:51 PM

OK, I have replaced the glass, and gently filed the opening, and it works and looks great!!!!
The cost of replacing my glass that had early signs of mildew... things that showed up when directly facing light are gone with the old lens! Thanks for sharing the technique!

Ash Varma August 2nd, 2010 01:28 PM

Cheap Neewer brand.
Hi There,
Has anyone had any experience with this one:
72MM WIDE ANGLE+TELEPHOTO LENS FOR CANON 40D 50D 72 MM on eBay.ca (item 350374419493 end time 15-Aug-10 19:34:06 EDT)

Just wondering how it'd be for the XH.


Tom Hardwick August 3rd, 2010 01:49 AM

It certainly looks interesting Ash but when it comes down to it it's just too much for too little. It looks too good to be true so most probably is. They claim 'no picture distortion' with the 0.45x wide-angle converter but it looks to me to be a two element assembly (with the second element uncoated), and there's no way such a powerful zoom-through won't give you ooodles of barrel distortion.

Still, at the price and with a firm returns policy it could be worth a try, though why you'd ever bother to fit such lenses to an intercheageable SLR is beyond me. They should work fine on the XH, though I'd not go taking pictures of test charts through them using maximum aperture.


Allan Black October 7th, 2010 08:31 PM

Canon WD-H72 wide angle adaptor.
After shooting a wedding at short notice recently for the son of some friends (who didn't want a video at first), I used a couple of HV20s one with the Canon WD-H43 wide angle adapter which I rarely use, there's no front thread for any filters nor a lens hood .. and I could've used one.

But it was impressive, very much so at the reception getting the complete very large bridal table in frame, so I wondered about a WD-H72 for the A1 and A1s, but the cost again, oh brother.

Sometimes you can be lucky, it's not a bad idea to visit BnHs used bin every now and then and bingo! there's one at half price.

It landed here this morning, not a scratch on it. It comes with a lens hood and it's a big mother. It weighs 832gms (1.13lbs) 10cms across the front and the hood is 18cms across so I can't use auto focus. Have to re-balance the A1s on the Miller. Anyone using one?


Chris Soucy October 7th, 2010 10:39 PM

Hi, Allan........
Interested in whether the WD - H72 shows the same degree of barrel distortion as the WD - H43?

I have the latter but not the former, but based on what I've seen of the H43, not all that impressed.

I got spoilt, as during the 80's I bought a Canon 20mm - 35mm ED lens for my brace of Canon A1 SLR's (35 mm stills camera's, in case there's any confusion) and that was totally barrel distortion free.

So it ought to have been for the price, could still buy a half decent car for what that beauty cost.

The best lens by a country mile I ever owned and it's still glued to one of my A1's for those shoots where only the best wides will do, even if getting film processed today is becoming something of a crap shoot.

Come to think of it, the A1's themselves are, in many respects, infinately more usable than my Nikon D80, which I love and loath in equal measure.

But that's another story altogether.


Jonathan Shaw October 8th, 2010 12:10 AM

Yeah I use one on my A1's on miller tripod. Really love it, also I prefer shooting handheld with it as it makes the cam longer and easier to brace.

Great piece of glass for a very reasonable price.


Allan Black October 8th, 2010 02:01 AM

Hi Chris, because of the WD-H43 barrel distortion, which is not too bad compared to some others, I select the shots to shoot wide angle, eg: I stay away from WA pans of buildings.

One big difference between the Canon 35mm ED lens and the H43 is, with the ED you zoom the lens and with the H43 you zoom the camera. So the H43 and H72 are called converters and Canon have better control of the design of all their lens.

After the wedding, one thing that really stands out is the great colours from the H43, yep it's a Canon .. but it needs a lens hood. The bride wore a white dress with a long train with many fashion pleats, must have cost a bundle. She got between me and the sun at one point and I was freakin out I'd flair and over expose the thing. I jumped over a garden to get a reverse angle .. man those wedding guys must really earn their money.

I'm looking at building a H43 lens hood and I've since experimented with a cardboard hood/shade. When the H43 is zoomed full out on the H20, the top of the hood can fold 1/2 way down the front of the lens. So mine is going to have to have a good hinge on it and just clip onto the H43 body with a jigger like a trouser bicycle clip.

The WD-H72 came with a lens hood but no front thread for filters .. I'll be interested to see it in action. One big plus is the internal ND filters on the A1s.

One clue to the difference in barrel distortion might be the H72 is rated at 0.8x and the H43 at 0.7x .. someone better than me will have to work that one out. Suck it and see will have to do it for me .. I'll let you know :)

Thanks Jonathon interesting comments, I'll try it.


Allan Black October 8th, 2010 08:20 PM


Originally Posted by Jonathan Shaw (Post 1576708)
Yeah I use one on my A1's on miller tripod. Really love it, also I prefer shooting handheld with it as it makes the cam longer and easier to brace.

Great piece of glass for a very reasonable price.


Looking at mounting this lens Jonathon, do you have any misgivings about a one and a half pound lens hanging off the front of your A1s lens?

ie: if it gets a reasonable smack will it break off :(


Allan Black November 17th, 2010 02:42 AM

No it won't if you take care.

So 2 weeks later with more action with this WD-H72 convertor.

To mount it, I found the best way is to hold the A1/s upright on your lap and screw the H72 counter-clockwise till it 'locks' in the A1 thread, then screw it clockwise onto the cam.

The A1 external AUTOFOCUS autosensor is blocked by the width of this lens and its hood. So you go into the A1 menu (PAL p33) and set the TTL system to normal. More later.


Christopher Icha November 18th, 2010 07:59 AM

WD-H72 and WD-H43
I have a spare Canon XHA1 lens hood attached to my WD-H43 on my (B-roll) HV20. Just use a few revolutions of silicon tape on the outside of the adapter and it fits like a treat. Using silicon tape is a great solution because it only sticks to itself and therefore leaves no mess. You can get it from large hardware stores like B&Q.

Regarding the WD-H72, I've been looking at getting one, but the cost is huge. I ordered a cheapy on ebay (Pro 72mm 0.45X Wide Lens For Canon XH A1S ) but got shafted as the seller took my money and didn't bother to send me the item. I know, I was warned.

In case you want to know, here is the link to the offending item (and seller)

Pro 72mm 0.45X Wide Lens For Canon XH A1S G1S G1 A1 H1A on eBay (end time 09-Dec-10 04:00:36 GMT)

Allan Black November 20th, 2010 07:43 PM

Welcome to the forum but with a sad post Christopher :( .. you might first check the sellers bona fides on resellers.com.

I checked around the forums before buying my Canon H72 and read that the colours and detail it make it worth the price, the barrel distortion is liveable and only really visible on full wide on the A1s. And I got mine half price at BnH NY used division.

The H72 weight is only a small drawback and I\'m used to it now .. and I had to rebalance the cam on my Miller Solo tripod. I have a tiny strip of white tape on the left side of the A1 and A1s with coloured balance marks for each of my accessories.

I\'ve given up trying to build a H43 lens hood and for handheld shoots with the WD-H43 converter eg: holidays, I\'ve found the A1 hood way too big so I make a hood by holding my left thumb under the front of the H43 to support it .. and left fingers flat in front over the top of it .. VOILE! instant hood .. and shooting with the sun in front, I can lower my 4 fingers down to just be out of frame, works well.


Tim Trott April 20th, 2011 11:09 AM

Re: Wide Angle Adaptor for XH A1?
Schnieder Optics link:

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