DV Info Net — The Digital Video Information Network — is a technical and creative resource for learning about digital video technology, and applying that information in a wide variety of creative applications which use digital video technology. In recent years, the primary focus of DV Info Net has transitioned to High Definition video acquisition, post production and distribution. DV Info Net is mainly intended for a professional audience, but most all visitors are welcome to read and participate on the site regardless of their technical background.

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A Very Brief History of DV Info Net
by Chris Hurd

November 1997: Unable to find any info on the net about the Canon XL1 digital video camcorder, I made my own web page about it. Other people began contributing information about the XL1, so those pages became the XL1 Watchdog.

Later in 1998 after our studio bought a DV Rex M1 capture card, I joined Martin Hodge’s Canopus owners online forum and later on my friend Mike Downey asked me to help moderate it, where I learned a number of valuable of lessons about how to manage a popular internet message board.

Most of 1999 was spent at VariZoom Lens Controls where I rebuilt their web site and learned a lot about other kinds of DV camcorders and got the basic idea for expanding the XL1 Watchdog concept into something bigger. A lot of people kept asking me to produce more sites like the Watchdog tailored to other popular camcorders.

June 2000: I was invited by Canopus to manage their web presence which really kept me from doing much of anything else of my own for quite a while (all of which is entirely the fault of Jan Piros).

December 2000: Eventually I got around to launching DV Info Net, which was intended as an umbrella for the XL1 Watchdog and her sister sites, but my obligations to Canopus kept me from working on it very much. DV Info Net’s forum software was installed in January 2001 but it sat idle for months as a result of my commitment to the Canopus forum and their corporate site.

September 5th, 2001: After finally growing weary of answering the same technical questions over and over again by email, at long last I got the DV Info Net message board activated, something I should have done a year or two prior.

In 2002, we switched to our “real names only” policy and since then, the strength of the site — as well as its value — has come from its members, and most importantly from those who have volunteered to help moderate it. Without them, there wouldn’t be very much to see here. They’re the ones who deserve all the thanks for helping to shape DV Info Net into the valuable technical and creative resource that it has become.