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Each is a description and breakdown of technical specifications (in the form of a comparison chart) across various models of a given product line. Links are included to owner’s manuals, manufacturer’s product pages, official press releases and firmware downloads (where applicable), plus current pricing information and “where to buy.”

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Sennheiser MKE series Shotgun Mic Overview

With the recent introduction of the MKE 200, Sennheiser has grown its MKE series of camera-mounted shotgun mics to four models, each with its own distinct purpose, ranging from smartphone applications on up to full-size broadcast video cameras. Here’s a…

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NAB Tips For Trade-Show Rookies

In the 25 years I’ve been regularly attending NAB, I’ve learned a few tricks. For instance, when I was starting out, trade shows were about seeing all the shiny things on display, because for decades the big trade show was the only place to get information directly from multiple manufacturers. So most attendees would end up flying home with bags and bags of of brochures and product sheets to study. But those days are gone.

Buyer's Guides
How to: Not Get Scammed on Ebay

The great playground of the modern fraud artist has been Ebay. Fueled by greed, buyers have been lured into lowball auctions on high end items. With their savings sent overseas via Western Union, buyers waited patiently on their doorsteps, fake UPS tracking numbers in hand, never to have that expensive new toy arrive. Although Ebay has been cracking down efficiently, it is still a buyer beware world out there. While there are many other auction sites out there, the following red flags should apply to any purchase you make.

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