Buyer’s Guide: Canon Cinema EOS Cameras

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007Canon’s Cinema EOS line of digital cinema cameras was introduced in November 2011. This page showcases the current Cinema EOS camera models. You can jump directly to a particular section with these links:

This guide is primarily targeted to the U.S. market; therefore I have listed U.S. prices. The “where to buy” links on this page refer to DV Info Net site sponsors, all of which are U.S. dealers. At this time I do not have a dealer outside of the U.S. as a site sponsor. However, some dealers such as B&H Photo Video, will ship overseas to just about anywhere in the world. Currently there are four DV Info Net site sponsors that are authorized Cinema EOS dealers:

(888) 700-4416
L.A.   /   Chi.   /   NYC
  B&H Photo  
(866) 521-7381
New York, NY
  Texas Media Systems  
(512) 440-1400
Austin, TX
(973) 335-4460
Mountain Lakes, NJ

How To Read The Comparison Chart

Sensor resolution is given in effective pixels (not total pixels). In the included and optional battery rows, the figures in parenthesis to the right of the battery model numbers are the approximate endurance is hours and minutes for typical recording with the LCD screen open. The various camcorder user manuals, linked below, will provide more specific details regarding battery endurance in recording and playback modes under various conditions. The forward slash data separator “/” indicates a difference between models within a column. For example, two C300 Mk. II models share the same column… one with an EF lens mount; the other with a PL lens mount. In the lens row for this camera, data is given as “EF, EF-S / PL” meaning that the first model takes EF and EF-S lenses while the second model is compatible with PL lenses only.

Be advised that the indicated prices shown on this page are at or near the full MSRP (the manufacturer’s suggested retail price) and may not reflect current discounts and promotions offered by dealers. In most cases — that is, for all models except those most recently announced — the actual amount charged by a dealer will most likely be well below the prices given here.

Canon Cinema EOS Cameras for 2019H2
EOS C100 Mk. II
EOS C200
EOS C200B**

1.43kg / 1.34kg
EOS C300 Mk. II
EOS C300 Mk. II PL

3.44kg / 3.67kg
EOS C700

3.9kg / 4.06kg / 4.06kg
EF, EF-S / PL / PL
8.29 Mp S35
DiG!C DV 4
Dual Pixel AF
8.85 Mp S35
Dual DiG!C DV 6
Dual Pixel AF
8.85 Mp S35
Dual DiG!C DV 5
Dual Pixel AF / Man.
10.72 Mp (RAW) S35
Triple DiG!C DV 5
Dual Pixel AF / Man. / Man.
rec. out:
8-bit 4:2:0
10-bit 4:2:2
4K, UHD, 2K, FHDp60
10-bit 4:2:2
4K, 2K, FHDp30
HDMI, 2 x 3G SDI
12-bit 4:4:4
4.5K / 4.5K / 4.2K
XF-AVC, ProRes, Cine RAW*
HDMI, 4 x 3G SDI
ISO (nat):
art. LCD:
320-20,000 (850)
vari (built in)
16 bit 2 ch.
2 x SD
160-25,600 (800)
vari, touch (modular)
16 bit 4 ch.
1 x CFast + 2 x SD
320-25,600 (800)
vari (modular)
24 bit 4 ch.
2 x CFast + 1 x SD
100-25,600 (850)
no; EVF-V70 sep. avail.
24 bit 4 ch.
2 x CFast + 1 x SD
pwr, chrgr:
incl. batt:
opt. batt:
CA-940, CG-940
BP-955 (3:10)
BP-970G (5:20)
CA-A10, CG-A20
BP-A30 (2:05 / 2:25)
BP-A60 (4:30 / 5:10)
CA-A10, CG-A10
BP-A30 (2:05)
BP-A60 (4:25)
3rd-party 12v XLR
3rd-party V-mount
IDX E-HL10DS (96 Wh)
body only:
kit lens:
kit price:
EF-S 17-55 f/2.8
<$7,500 / <$6,000
EF 24-105 f/4L II
<$15,000 ~$28,000 / ~$31,000 (GS PL)
prod. bundle EF / PL***
~$35,000 / ~$38,000 (GS PL)
*Cine RAW via 3rd-party external recorder.
**EOS C200B does not include LCD (sep. avail.) and does not have an EVF.
***adds EVF-V70, remote operation unit, V-mount batt., charger, power adapter and more.

Features Common to All Cinema EOS Cameras

As of 2019H2, all Canon Cinema EOS cameras utilize a Super 35 size CMOS sensor (except for the C700 FF, which is full-frame). All cameras except the C200B have two XLR audio input jacks. All cameras record Linear PCM audio at 16 kHz. All have internal Neutral Density filters with five settings, except the C100 Mk. II, which has three. All have shutter settings available in speed, angle, Clear Scan, slow and off. All are selectable between 60Hz and 50Hz system frequencies for international use. Each has a headphone jack, a LANC remote jack, and a number of custom user buttons.

Canon EOS C100 Mk. IIEOS C100 Mk. II    CUSA product page   ·   Firmware
Press Release   ·   Spec Sheet   ·   Support   ·   User Manual

Body:    AbelCine B&H Photo Texas Media   ZGC  
Kit:    AbelCine B&H Photo Texas Media   ZGC  

The C100 Mk. II is the entry-level camcorder in the Cinema EOS product line. Currently it is the only CEOS model that does not record 4K video. This camcorder is intended as a major step up from shooting video with a D-SLR as it offers a wide variety of features and benefits for video recording that are not available in still-photo cameras. These features include unlimited recording time, advanced audio controls, ND filters, image customization and much more. There are several kit lens packages available; the best option is the EF-S 17-55 IS f/2.8 lens. Another good choice for this camera would be the EF-S 18-135 IS USM with Power Zoom Adapter.

Canon EOS C200EOS C200   CUSA product page  ·  Brochure  ·  Firmware
Press Release   ·   Spec Sheet   ·   Support   ·   User Manual

Body:    AbelCine B&H Photo Texas Media   ZGC  
Kit:    AbelCine B&H Photo Texas Media   ZGC  

With its relatively low price, efficient codecs for onboard 4K recording and modular configurability, the C200 is perfectly positioned for independent or small-company videographers and filmmakers. Canon’s new Cinema RAW Light (CRawL) allows 10-bit 4K 60p recording to the single CFast card. Two SD card slots accommodate 4K MP4 recording, and the XF-AVC codec will be added in a future firmware update. This is the first Cinema EOS camera with a touch-screen OLED display, which greatly leverages the Dual-Pixel auto focus system with the ability to shift focus points on the fly via Touch AF. While any EF or EF-S lens will work with the C200, Canon offers two that are ideally matched for this camera: the 18-80mm and 70-200mm compact servo zooms.

Canon EOS C200BEOS C200B   CUSA product page · Brochure · Firmware
Press Release   ·   Spec Sheet   ·   Support   ·   User Manual

Body:    AbelCine B&H Photo Texas Media   ZGC  

The C200B is identical to the C200 with two exceptions. First, the C200B does not have a built-in electronic viewfinder. Second, the C200B does not include the LM-V1 touch-panel LCD monitor, or the top handle or side grip that are packaged with the C200. This slimmer configuration is less expensive than the C200 and is intended for applications which do not require a monitor on the camera, such as drone, crane or jib placements, or anywhere the camera is meant to be operated remotely (via the Canon RC-V100 or similar controller). The C200B is also the most affordable Cinema EOS camera capable of 4K recording. The C200B can be operated manually if an on-camera monitor is provided for it. All of the modular C200 components, including the LM-V1 monitor, are compatible with the C200B and can be purchased separately.

Canon EOS C300 Mk. IIEOS C300 Mk. II / EOS C300 Mk. II PL
CUSA product page (EF)   ·   … page (PL)   ·   Firmware
Press Release   ·   Spec Sheet   ·   Support   ·   User Manual

EF Body:   AbelCine B&H Photo Texas Media   ZGC  
PL Body:   AbelCine B&H Photo Texas Media   ZGC  

With an expanded dynamic range of up to 15 stops, and dual CFast card slots recording DCI 4K video in the robust XF-AVC format plus simultaneous proxy HD recording to an SD card, the second-generation C300 Mk. II is ideally situated for broadcast television production and professional filmmaking. This camera supports both ACES and REC 2020 workflows, and features the Canon Log Gamma 2 tone curve for a high level of creative freedom in post-production without substantially degrading the image quality. Unlike the C200, this camera can simultaneously record 4K video internally while sending 4K RAW out over its two SDI jacks to an external recorder (the C200 is either / or). EF and PL lens mounts are switchable through authorized Canon factory service centers.

Canon EOS C700EOS C700 / EOS C700 PL / EOS C700 GS PL
CUSA product page (EF)   ·   … page (PL)   ·   … page (GS PL)
Brochure   ·   Firmware   ·   Press Release   ·   Spec Sheet
Support  ·  User Manual  ·  Papers:   Features  ·  Recording

EF Body:   AbelCine B&H Photo Texas Media
PL Body:   AbelCine B&H Photo Texas Media
GS PL Body:   AbelCine B&H Photo Texas Media

As the flagship of the Cinema EOS line, the C700 is Canon’s largest, most capable, most configurable and most expensive digital cinema camera. It is Canon’s version of a Hollywood “A” camera for feature filmmaking. It’s also a high-end production or studio camera for 4K broadcast. The C700 is sold with a choice of lens mounts (EF or PL), and there is also an image sensor variant with a global shutter option, designated as C700 GS PL. Any C700 can be retro-fitted with either lens mount and either sensor by an authorized Canon service center. For example, one could have a custom C700 GS EF, even though there is no such factory configuration. Currently the C700 is the only Canon camera that records ProRes onboard. The base package for the C700 does not have a viewfinder, power adapter or battery, but there is a C700 production bundle that includes the Canon and IDX versions of those items (see below). Also available for the C700 is the Codex CDX-36150 Digital Raw Recorder.

Canon EOS C700 Production BundleEOS C700 Production Bundle
This kit includes the C700 camera body, Canon EVF-V70 viewfinder, SU-15 shoulder support, SG-1 grip unit, UN-5 grip cable, OU-700 remote operation unit, UC-V75 remote cable, IDX V-mount battery, quick charger, power adapter and XLR power cable.

EF Bundle:   B&H Photo Texas Media Systems
PL Bundle:   B&H Photo Texas Media Systems
GS PL Bundle:   B&H Photo Texas Media Systems

The $6,000 Canon EVF-V70 viewfinder features HD resolution, four assignable buttons plus a menu navigation joystick and menu selector. Magnification, false color and zebra patterns assist focus and exposure.

The $2,400 Canon OU-700 remote operation unit can be mounted directly to the right side of the C700 or used remotely with a separately available extension cable. It provides menu access and a record trigger to the off side of the camera so as not to interfere with the work of the focus puller or camera operator.

The $1,500 Canon SU-15 shoulder support features an adjustable shoulder pad and incorporates 19mm rods for accessories such matte boxes, lens supports, or the SG-1 grip.

The $2,000 Canon SG-1 grip unit features a grip and zoom rocker assembly that mounts on the rods of the SU-15 shoulder support. It controls record start / stop, iris, aperture, and zoom (that is, if the lens has a servo). It communicates with the C700 via 12-pin connector, which also supplies the grip unit with power.

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