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Canon EOS
City of Lakes: A Hybrid Production in India

Our production was never short on challenges. They were immediate, frequent, and often unbelievable. One thing that never failed us, however, were the D-SLRs. From the beginning, getting through customs was not an issue. Shooting quickly and unobtrusively in crowded areas, in the streets or in the middle of a massive festival was something very doable with our small crew; which often times meant we had to take a back-to-film-school approach. We could shoot multiple cameras simultaneously during live events and transition quickly to a scripted scene with ease.

Canon EOS
Canon ACK-E6 AC Power Adapter Review

The rise in popularity of digital SLR HD shooting has meant that power systems designed for being on for a few seconds several hundred times are now being asked to record for 13 minutes at a time up to dozens…

Canon EOS
5D Mark II vs 7D for HD

Introduced in September of 2008, the Canon 5D Mark II changed the landscape for HD shooters who wanted shallow depth of field and flexible lens options on a budget. It sold like gangbusters and has changed the landscape significantly. Now…