NAB2000: Cavision, Steadicam

Cavision 4x4 matte box with mounting rails and rotating filter ring.

Cavision displayed a large 4x4 matte box, priced at $500, including the mounting rails. This is a very good value, compared to the cost of a variety of other available matte boxes. The filter mount allows for two filter rings, one of which rotates, as shown above.

The angled fiber pole in this shot is a boom microphone holder.

Another view. The fiber pole angling up through the middle of this photo is a telescoping boom microphone holder. Cavision makes a variety of XL1 products, including wide-angle and fisheye lens adapters, at affordable prices.

New Steadicam for XL1

Steadicam (that is, the original Steadicam from Cinema Products corporation) now offers a larger rig for XL1 use. It can support 15 pounds, which provides plenty of weight capacity for an XL1 mounted with a variety of accessories. This vest-mounted system costs, I believe, about $4500 complete.

Reverse shooting angle, Steadicam with XL1

One aspect not clearly visible in these photos is that the mounting arm (under the operator's right hand) can be positioned at any point high or low and will stay there. The Steadicam is carefully balanced throughout a variety of axes, making it a highly versatile rig.

A partial tilt -- it can spin completely around in this vertical axis.

This rig can tilt vertically (as well as rotate horizontally) completely through 360°. Thanks to Jim Farrell of Cinema Products for accomodating me in posing for these photos. Sorry, I do not have any availability or dealer information at this time.

The Watchdog notes: Please be advised that I've tested none of the products on this page personally, and have not had business relations with any of the aforementioned companies. Proceed at your own risk... these images are meant only to give you an idea of what's available out there, and should not be construed in any way as a product endorsement. If you do contact a company based on what you see here, please tell them the XL1 Watchdog sent you (I could really use the reference). For information concerning Watchdog product reviews, manufacturers are invited to contact me directly at


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