This DVD has over 95 minutes of comprehensive information, tips, tricks and techniques that will help you understand how to get the most out of your Canon XL1s; presented by Greg Salman

The XL1 Watchdog's Information Resources

Recently, Canon USA added something to their website that I've been looking forward to for a long time... a downloadable version of the XL1 Manual, in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format. I asked Canon about this a while back, primarily for the benefit of shooters who do not yet own an XL1 but were planning to rent one. Camera rental rates are usually by the day; that's not long enough to learn the manual. Now, you can download it and read it at your leisure... and camera renters can feel safer about their XL1's being checked out. The link opens a new window at the Canon USA site (versions are available is in Spanish and French in addition to English). Enjoy!

Canon XL1S Owner's Manual
Canon USA's XL1S Websites
Articles in Print
Other Camcorder Websites
XL1 Feature Filmmakers

Canon's Official XL1S Website

You should have gone through this already, but here it is anyway: this is the manufacturer's site and it covers the specifications, features, accessories and technology that make up the Canon XL1S. The official XL1S website for Canon USA is at

Canon's Official XL1S Brochure

If you have an Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer, you can download and view a .PDF version of the stylish XL1 Brochure from

Canon USA's Official XL1S Owner's Club

Go to the Canon XL1 Owner's Club The logo to the left will take you to the intro page for Canon USA's XL1 Owner's Club. It's free and there are quite a few benefits, so I urge you to join. As far as I know, it's for US owners only, for the time being at least. You'll need to provide two serial numbers... one for the camera body, number found in the battery tray; and the lens serial number. To locate this serial number, you'll need to remove the lens from the body and look for it etched around one of the black rings on the end that mates to the camera body. The URL for the Canon XL1Owner's Club is

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