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An XL1 / XL1S Image Gallery

P+S Mini35, Pt. 1: New York City
4 images, 210kb

P+S Mini35, Pt. 2: Death Valley
7 images, 288kb
My Glass Is Bigger Than Yours
5 images, 120kb
Proposed MA-400
5 images, 120kb
NAB 2001: MarzPak
5 images, 123kb

NAB 2001: Cinetech Hipcam
5 images, 157kb

NAB 2001: Cinetech Matte Box
5 images, 112kb

NAB 2001: Cinetech Shoulder
5 images, 124kb

NAB 2001: P+S Technik
5 images, 223kb

An XL1 African Ed-venture
6 images, 180kb

African Wildlife through an EF Lens
6 images, 125kb

NAB2000: CineTech & more
5 images, 142kb

NAB2000: Transvideo & more
5 images, 157kb

NAB2000: Cavision, Steadicam
5 images, 137kb

The Koi Carp at Fashion Island
5 images, 122kb

Feature Film: When Love Walks in
7 images, 113kb

Promo Photos from Canon Italia
9 images, 181kb

Cool XL1 Gear at NAB '98
7 images, 138kb

The XL1 at COMDEX '97
6 images, 99kb

Thrown together by Chris Hurd

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