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XL1S and P+S Technik Mini35 on Seinfeld / Levinson Shoot
Part Two: Death Valley, by Charles Papert, S.O.C.

The Watchdog notes: These images accompany an article by Charles describing how he helped shoot an American Express internet spot starring Jerry Seinfeld and directed by Barry Levinson. The copyright on the images shown here is held exclusively by Charles Papert, Jason Wawro and Gary Hatfield; all rights are reserved accordingly.

Day Six: This is the crew for a DV shoot?!

Day Six: Charles buried in monitor, checking exposures on all three cameras mounted on the process trailer.

Day Six: "C" camera set up for side-angle shot of Superman on process trailer. Note reference marks on suitcase; an animated suitcase is to be added next to the real one later.

Day Seven: Gary on the 300mm, a block away from the action.

Day Seven: Gary squeezes into the back of the Porsche with Key Grip Danny Wade driving.

Day Seven: Detail of Jimmy Jib setup.

Day Seven: Jimmy Jib at dawn.

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