Owners Reports: Hands-on XL1 & XL1S Experiences

September, 2001: Field reports from new XL1S owners keep trickling in; usually in the form of a paragraph or two, stating how enjoyable the camera is. What I hope to offer here are some in-depth, detailed looks at the XL1S. Submissions which match the caliber of the ones listed below will gain the writer hallowed status in the Watchdog Hall of Fame. Write yours and send it in, if you're so inclined... in the meantime, here's a report or two:

XL1S Experiences -- Reports on the Watchdog Site

"An Extensive XL1S Review, Part One: External Differences"
-- Jon Bushey

"An Extensive XL1S Review, Part Two: Low Light Sensitivity"
-- Jon Bushey

"An Extensive XL1S Review, Part Three: Menus & Viewfinder"
-- Jon Bushey

"An Extensive XL1S Review, Part Four: Items of Interest"
-- Jon Bushey

December, 2000: The original XL1 is still very new to a wide variety of videographers just now making the transition into this camera, or those who are still considering the purchase. This section contains detailed, first-hand XL1 user reports which will benefit those readers not already familiar with the camcorder. The content within is fairly well balanced... not all of these reports are favorable to the XL1, but they are all honest... and they are all written from a shooter's perspective.

Most of these 28 reports which follow were made when the XL1 was still quite new to the DV world in 1998. Two years later, this material remains relevant for those people researching the camera prior to purchase. Much of what you will read here comes from usenet and private mailing lists. Posts on the newsgroups and lists tend to fall off and disappear a day or two after they're made; I thought that some of these accounts were worth saving for continued reference.

Detailed reports such as these are difficult to come by anymore, but I'm always interested in posting them if an XL1 owner cares to make the effort to submit one. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy perusing through the various opinions and findings of these videographers. They're grouped into two different sections: nineteen on-site and nine off-site reports... enjoy.

XL1 Experiences -- Reports on the Watchdog Site

"To me, the XL1 was the complete package"
-- Aaron Frick

"XL1 vs. PD150: I like the picture from the Canon better"
-- Alexander Ibrahim

"XL1 vs. DSR200: things I noticed immediately"
-- Jeff Drabble

"AG-EZ1 vs. VX1000 vs. XL1: there is no free ride"
-- Phil Rogers

"A filmmaker's view of the XL1"
-- Kent Williamson

"XL1 vs. VX1000 vs. TRV9: very real differences"
-- Karl Kroeber

"for weddings... the XL1 is the best choice"
-- Bob Anderson

"an elegant bundle of... practical compromises"
-- Karl Kroeber

"it's certainly not for the casual user"
-- John Goldsmith

"I own both the XL1 & VX1000 and use either..."
-- Dennis John

"informal tests to compare the XL1 and the VX1000"
-- Adam Wilt

"I can feel it pulling me ahead, making me better"
-- Geoff Amthor

"few have taken the time to fully critique the unit"
-- Bobby Love

"ergonomics... I can operate already by touch"
-- William Capolongo

"the possibilities are endless with this camera"
-- Chris Kraft

"XL1 vs. VX1000... the results are in for me!"
-- Stuart Brontman

"playback was like looking through a clean window"
-- Elliot Dunwody

"you really have to see it to understand"
-- Stuart Brontman

"had a frank off-the-record discussion with Canon"
-- John Ferrick


XL1 Experiences -- Reports from around the Net

"More than you ever wanted to know about the Canon XL1"
-- Dirck Halstead

"We’re Not Special Anymore"
-- Larry Hatteberg

"Using the Canon XL1... on Assignment in Hawaii"
-- Mike Parker

"Canon's XL1 Struggles to Meet High Expectations"
-- Steve Mullen

"a number of things you should be aware of"
-- Steven Kahler

"my impetuous side won. I ordered one..."
-- Ross Lowell

"Canon's XL1 DV Camcorder: Leadership through Innovation"
-- Jon Leland

"Hands on Review: The Canon XL1 Digital Camcorder"
-- Elinor Stecker-Orel

"ZDNet: Canon ZR, Vistura, Optura, XL1"
-- Daniel & Sally Grotta

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