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What's New, 13 July 2004:
Coinciding with Canon USA's announcement of the XL2 (which succeeds the XL1S), our new Canon XL2 Watchdog site has launched and is now online.

However, the original XL1 Watchdog is not being put to bed yet! Believe it or not, there are still more updates coming for this site. Meanwhile, you're invited to check out The XL2 Watchdog and explore all the amazing things going on with that camera.

Charles Papert, S.O.C. recently worked on an American Express internet spot written by and starring Jerry Seinfeld, and directed by Barry Levinson. The XL1S, combined with the P+S Technik Mini35 image converter, was chosen for the shoot. Charles provides a detailed account of the production in a two-part set of articles for the Watchdog. Mini35, Part One: New York City and Mini35, Part Two: Death Valley will take you right onto the set with Charles, Jerry and the rest of the crew as they use Canon DV instead of 35mm film. Also included are two pages of production stills -- see Images, Part One: New York City and Images Part Two: Death Valley. Also, Ken Tanaka reviews the XL1S Tips, Tricks & Basic Operation DVD from Birns & Sawyer of Hollywood, California. Enjoy!

Check out the FireStore FS-3 review by Ken TanakaThe FireStore FS-3 from Focus Enhancements records edit-ready DV files directly to an internal removeable hard drive, allowing you to completely bypass the video capture process, even forego using tape if you wish. Ken Tanaka takes a look at the FireStore FS-3. Ken also examines an instructional DVD from Birns & Sawyer of Hollywood, CA which covers basic operational procedures and useful hints for newcomers to the XL1s camcorder; hosted by Greg Salman Earlier: Curious about that optional black-and-white CRT viewfinder? Just about everything you need to know is explained by Ken Tanaka, including how to calibrate it, a comparison to the color LCD viewfinder, and much more. Ken Tanaka also provides a complete overview of the Canon 16x Manual Servo Zoom Lens. His extensive report contains just about everything you need to know about that glass which many consider to be the best lens available for the XL1 and XL1S.

You asked for it, you got it: XL1 message boards at the DVInfo.Net Community... over 8900 members and growing! All you have to do is register once, and you're in. Normal rules of civility and decorum, please... and hopefully, this will make up for all the e-mail I was never able to answer. See you there!

Quick Guide to What's Inside

The XL1S Skinny
A preliminary overview of Canon's new XL1S DV camcorder, successor to the XL1. A quick look at features, pricing, new XL lenses and much more.

The XL1 Skinny
Basic introduction to the XL1; concise description of certain issues, short history of reported problems, a brief summation of the camera.

A Watchdog FAQ
A sampling of the most common questions which come in by e-mail, with answers about the XL1 and a little about the Watchdog. Start here!

Community more than 8900 members
Read, register, and post: interact with fellow XL1 shooters in the XL1/XL1S Watchdog area of the DVInfo.Net Community message boards.

User Reports with 23 pages
Detailed XL1 evaluations from a wide variety of viewpoints. Not all of them are favorable. Several compare the XL1 with the Sony VX-1000.

Articles Menu with 71 pages
All kinds of topics ranging from documented problems, workarounds, "do it yourself" projects, accessory reviews, more... always growing.

Image Gallery with 20 pages
The XL1 in real-world settings, some cool gear from NAB, promotional photos not seen in the USA, plus actual user-submitted frame grabs.

User Tips with numerous tips
Stuff you won't find in the manual. Hints gleaned from savvy shooters will make life easier... get more enjoyment out of your investment.

Resources with 5 pages
Links to other XL1 websites, several important sources for DV information, XL1 articles in print, owners websites and more.

Good Dog
Mostly positive feedback lets the Watchdog know he's on to something. Various accolades mixed with minor chest thumping.

Welcome to the XL1 Watchdog

As a long-time user of Canon's excellent L1/L2 series of Hi-8 camcorders with interchangeable lenses, I've always thought that a 3-chip digital version would be, perhaps, the "ultimate camcorder." Well, that day has arrived. Canon has produced an incredible digital camcorder, the XL1, which combines a lot of "professional" features with IC lens capability and superior low-light performance. Last November at COMDEX, and again this April at NAB in Las Vegas, I was fortunate enough to spend some "quality time" with the XL1 and some of the Canon team that created it. Let's just say that I was about as enamored as one could be with a material object. Immediately I wanted to find out all I could about the XL1 before spending a lot of hard-earned money on it, and out of that info-quest have these pages sprung. Additions come as I find time, and input from "others in the know" is greatly appreciated. This is a forum for everyone interested in this amazing camera, users and buyers-to-be alike.

Thrown together by Chris Hurd

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