NAB2001: CineTech Matte Box

The Watchdog notes: the copyright of all images on this page belongs to Karl Horn, and are reprinted here with his permission.

Karl makes the matte box, eyebrow, lens bellows, rails, and follow focus system seen in these images. I need to organize some notes I have about this gear, but basically you should know that it's professional quality equipment which is not sold cheaply. Karl delivers superb value for the price, but please make inquiries only if you're serious and you have a decent budget to work with. Contact Karl Horn at the CineTech website; you should be able to find pricing information there as well.

The Watchdog notes: Please be advised that I've tested none of the products on this page personally, and have not had business relations with any of the aforementioned companies. Proceed at your own risk... these images are meant only to give you an idea of what's available out there, and should not be construed in any way as a product endorsement. If you do contact a company based on what you see here, please tell them the XL1 Watchdog sent you (I could really use the reference). For information concerning Watchdog product reviews, manufacturers are invited to contact me directly at


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