NAB2001: MarzPak Camera Suspension System

Jacques Merser is one of my like-minded cohorts on a large digital video mailing list, and he's also a fellow tradeshow trooper whom I keep bumping into around the country. Jacque's MarzPak is an interesting alternative to the expensive Steadicam-style support systems floating around.

The cool thing about the MarzPak is that the entire weight of the camera is transferred to your back, the strongest part of your body. The cable is spring loaded and maintains constant tension for steady shots. Here Jacques is pushing the camera down to shoot at a low angle. This is much easier on your arms than having to constantly hold up the camera.

From behind you can see the utility of the backpack. There's room back here for extra batteries and gear, allowing for all-day shooting. You can also see why I like to call Jacques "Cap'n Hook."

A detail of the quick-release camera mounting sling. A review of the MarzPak recently appeared elewhere on the net; I'll see if I can get permission from the author to run it here on the Watchdog. I think the pricetag is around $300 USD and you can contact Jacques Mereser at

Shoot-out between a pair of XL1 innovators... Jacques Merser on the left meets Karl Horn on the right. The MarzPak website is at

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