The XL1 African Ed-venture
submitted by Aaron Frick

The Watchdog notes: These images have been resized and compressed for web delivery. Please do not make any conclusions about the DV format based on the quality of these images. All images were recorded by Dennis Wilson and submitted to the Watchdog by Aaron Frick. Dennis Wilson and Aaron Frick hold the copyright on these images and they are reprinted here with their kind permission.

Samburu Warrior in Northern Kenya

After we shot footage of these Samburu Warriors in Northern Kenya, they tested their own videography skills.

Fish River Canyon in Namibia

On the edge of the Fish River Canyon in Namibia with the Optex Lens.

Himba village children

Children in a Himba village in Namibia take a look through the XL1.

Himba village children

As you can see, Himba kids love the Optex Lens!

Cape Cross Seal Reserve

Shooting footage of seals at the Cape Cross Seal Reserve in Namibia.

at Mount Kilimanjaro

The XL1 keeps warm with help of the Porta Brace Rainslicker while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.


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Thrown together by Chris Hurd

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