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Here's another page in the midst of a complete re-work. New additions are being prepared as more camcorder-specific web pages and sites are appearing on the net. For now, I've fixed the links of the following three "heavy hitters" to reflect their correct re-locations.

Somebody wrote to me awhile back and said, "nice website, how about one for the Optura." Well, I'm content just trying to keep up with the XL1, but there are some other great camcorder websites out there... but not enough, in my opinion. Here are a few of them.

Go to the VX-1000 Resource GroupThe VX-1000 Resource Group Scott Bethel, near Portland, Oregon created this website which has been badly needed for quite some time. In addition to an online discussion forum, his site boasts a comprehensive list of links to other VX-1000 pages across the internet. The location is

Go to Using the TRV-900Using the TRV-900 John Beale, from the San Francisco Bay area, has a couple of pages about the Sony TRV-900. Along with sample images taken with its print-to-floppy feature, there is a nice FAQ as well. John's pages are at

Go to the AG-EZ30 Unofficial PageThe AG-EZ30 Unofficial Page Enrique Avalle of Montevideo, Uraguay, has done a great job in putting together an information center for the Panasonic AG-EZ30 camcorder. Like all websites, Enrique's is constantly "under construction," but he is off to a very good start. It's found at

Go to the Son of Watchdog GL1 pagesSon of Watchdog GL1 Pages The popularity of the Canon GL1 prompted me to throw together a few pages about the XL1's little brother. Be sure to check out the links to all the other GL1 sites in the Resources section. See

I sure would like to see other non-commercial websites like these, especially for the Sony DSR-200 and 300, the Panasonic AG-EZ1 and AJ-D200/210, and the Canon Optura as well. If you know of any such material on the web (non-DV cameras included), please send me the links!


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