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Heath Vinyard April 17th, 2006 10:35 AM

DP Needed for Short
Any up and coming DP's out there want to volunteer a day to help shoot a short for everyone's reel? I'm officially testing out my camera gear (JVC HD100) and workflow this coming Sunday and just looking for some volunteers to get together and shoot 6 pages to have some fun and get some footage for the DP/actor's reels.

If anyone is interested, please let me know. Food will be provided.

Bruce S. Yarock April 17th, 2006 02:52 PM

Damm, Mike...you have an illustrious past!
Bruce Yarock

Mike Teutsch April 17th, 2006 03:04 PM


Originally Posted by Bruce S. Yarock
Damm, Mike...you have an illustrious past!
Bruce Yarock

Ya, put that with a $1.50 and I can get a cup of coffee!


Bradley D Barber April 20th, 2006 10:41 AM

DV NLE needed.
Our production company, Hanna's House Productions, is looking for someone with NLE system and experience to complete two projects we are shooting. The pay is low but plenty of creative freedom and potential for future work is very good.

E-mail me at bradleybrbr@yahoo.com if youare interested.


Barry Gribble April 20th, 2006 06:04 PM

DC Area DP and Editor needed for 48 Hour film team
Hey guys,

I've had a great 48 Hour Film Project team the last two years, but this year my DP is out of town and my editor is working, so I'm recruiting for both.

For those not in the know, the 48 Hour Film Project (http://www.48hourfilm.com) has teams make a 7 minute film start to finish in 48 hours.

This year the dates are May 5-7. For the DP that means shooting Saturday May 6, 8AM - 6PM or so. For the editor that means starting the cut as we shoot and staying up extremely late (or forever) on that Saturday editing, and then finishing it off on Sunday.

This year we have a great bunch of actors and support people. It will definitely be blast.

We are looking for top caliber people here. My DP last year had about 20 years experience, and the editor was a full-time pro, so I'm spoiled. We also have some novices as well as PAs and grips, etc. The underlying theme is that we have a blast while doing good work.

Let me know if you are interested... post, or click on my name to email me.

Our film from 2 years ago is on-line here: http://www.joyhaynes.com/images/48hr.wmv


Dave Frank April 20th, 2006 09:20 PM

Email sent. :)

-David Frank

Raza Ahmad April 21st, 2006 10:34 AM

Would like to borrow footage...

I'm helping a friend out with her senior project in dance... it's a short, 7 minute piece, and our budget was zero.

Well, ideas come, and we've gone over that already with purchases of green clotch, DV tape, some lighting equipment, a tarp, etc. etc. etc.

Bottom line, I was wondering if anyone out there had a vault of stock footage (their own or commercially procured) that I could borrow from, for nothing more than good will and the fact that I will owe you a favour forever...

It's not going to be a commercially traversing piece at all, just something for her to show her advisors and get graded on, and then get buried in a portfolio pile somewhere to look back nostalgically on... Obviously the donator would receive credit in any way they would like...

Anyway... Here's a list of the footage I was hoping to stumble upon, if you have anything of this sort, I will love you forever if you drop me a line:

1. Footage of cherry blossoms.
2. Footage of a creek.
3. Close up of water flowing in stream or creek.
4. Japanese/Korean landscapes/cityscapes/foodscapes/peoplescapes/artscapes.
5. Morning glories.
6. Cranes (the birds, not the machines).

The piece is only 7 minutes long so even like a little bit of material can get us a long way...

I live in the Los Angeles area and will drive out to wherever is convenient to you if you would like to help us out...

If you're further away and would like to help us out maybe we could still work something out, thanks to the magic of the internet.

Thanks so much in advance...

rahmad AT gmail DOT com

K. Forman April 22nd, 2006 12:13 AM

Anybody have some dove footage to share?
I am sure there are several wedding videographers, who have a decent 4 or 5 second clip of the white doves being released. Would anybody care to let me use it?

Bruce S. Yarock April 22nd, 2006 01:20 AM

Hey Keith,
How about some seagulls? Only kidding...
How's everything up there?
Bruce Yarock

K. Forman April 22nd, 2006 02:01 AM

Anxiously awaiting the sale of my house, and the new stuff at Nab... :)
In the meantime, I got a website to do, and want to do a nice animated intro for it. How's it down there?

Bruce S. Yarock April 22nd, 2006 05:16 AM

We're starting to get a bit more (paying) work.
What are you looking for at NAB?
Bruce Yarock

Scott Hayes April 22nd, 2006 09:21 AM

damn, is there no one here with a coupe extra stands? well
3 stands. I will pay cash.

K. Forman April 22nd, 2006 09:59 AM

JVC HD250, and maybe a better way to capture live stuff. the HD100 was prtty close to what I want, the 250 should do it... if it's still affordable.

Brad Schreiber April 22nd, 2006 02:59 PM

Sound Man for XLH1 Shoot
I will be doing a four day shoot with 2 XLH1's in mid-May, I'm looking for a Sound Mixer who can provide own equipment. Reccomendations would be appreciated. The shoot is in Los Angeles. Please send resumes to: rojanproductions@hotmail.com

Bradley D Barber April 23rd, 2006 10:07 AM

DV NLE found!
We have found what we need. Than you all for responding! What a great community.


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