August Promo: RØDE Microphone for $1

Friday July 31st 2009, Sydney Australia – What can you buy for a dollar? A cup of coffee? A bus ticket? A packet of gum, perhaps? What if you could buy one of the world’s premium live handheld dynamic microphones? Or even one of the world’s leading live condenser microphones?

This August RØDE is giving users the opportunity to pick up either the RØDE M1 live performance dynamic microphone, M2 live performance condenser microphone, or the M3 versatile multi-powered condenser microphone for just one Australian dollar when purchasing another qualifying RØDE microphone from a participating dealer!

“In this economic climate consumers are insisting on not only premium performance, but also value for money.” commented Damien Wilson, Global Sales & Marketing Director. “That’s why more and more users are choosing RØDE microphones. To reward our loyal customers this August we are proud to offer them one of the fantastic RØDE M-Series microphones for a single Australian Dollar via our website. We are extremely excited about this offer and it is one more step in RØDE’s continued commitment to the artist and musician alike.”

Anyone who purchases a RØDE NT1-A, NT1000, NT2-A, NT2000, NTK, K2, Classic II, NT3, NT4, NT5 (single or paired), NT55 (single or paired), NT6, S1, Podcaster, Procaster, Broadcaster, NTG-1, NTG-2 or NTG-3 during August will be eligible to redeem a RØDE M1, M2 or M3 from for a single Australian dollar (subject to terms and conditions).

Customers can browse a list of the participating retailers at

For full terms and conditions, please visit



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