Canon’s Next Cam — Photos from SFO SuperMeet, Pt. 3

600xf-withxhbThe new camera compared to an XH A1S…

600xf-withxhaThe glass case in which the new camera mock-up was contained made it difficult to get some decent side-by-side shots with the XH, but this will give you some idea of how they compare in size.

600xf-sideOne more view of the busy left side controls layout…

600xf-profile…and the whole camera.

600xf-reartopHopefully the two buttons behind the zoom toggle are individually programmable custom keys.

600xf-rearobThe connections module, similar to the one at the back of the XH G1S / A1S, but laid out a bit differently. Sure hope there’s an HDMI jack in there. And most likely it’ll have USB2 instead of FireWire… or maybe both?

600xf-jacksThe four round port covers are identical to those on the XL H1S (three of which are on the XH G1S), indicating that this model has HD-SDI output, GenLock, and separate TimeCode input and output jacks, meaning this model is intended for the pro video / broadcast market. There will almost certainly be an identical version of this camcorder made available *without* these jacks, selling at a lower price point, just like the XL H1A and XH A1S.

600xf-signfrontThe only front view I have. Sure looks like a 72mm filter thread diameter to me.

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