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Camera Gear
Review: VariZoom VZ-Rock Remote Lens Controller

The VZ-Rock controller represents Varizoom’s second compact controller product line. The VZ-Rock shares some of the StealthZoom’s design characteristics but features an extended set of controls. It also features a variable-speed rocker control for zoom, a first for Varizoom’s products.

Post Production
Review: Final Cut Express

With the introduction of Final Cut Express, Apple is clearly aiming for the legions of dv camcorder users around the world who find iMovie too limiting, and Final Cut Pro too intimidating…

Business Models
Tutorial: The Ultimate Video Deposition Skinny, Part Two

This is the bare minimum gear I consider appropriate for deposition videography. I won’t hire you again if you show up without backup for video and audio. Depositions are one-shot deals… they are critical events which can’t be redone. With the setup I’ve described, you have multiple independent video and audio recordings, and will always have a backup if something goes sour…

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