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Sony DV / HDV
HDR-FX1 and HVR-Z1U Feature Set Comparison

Sony’s first pair of HDV camcorders share the same chassis design and a number of identical features. There are, however, about forty-odd differences between them. Here’s a fairly comprehensive chart which compares the two. The HDR-FX1 is a consumer model; the HVR-Z1U is a professional version.

Canon DV / HDV
XL1S and Mini35 on Seinfeld / Levinson Shoot, Pt. 1

Radical Media was hired to produce a long form Internet spot for American Express, written by and starring Jerry Seinfeld with Barry Levinson directing. My good friend and associate Shane Hurlbut (Drumline, Crazy/Beautiful) was hired to DP the spot, and when he was told that the intention was to shoot on DV, he brought me on to operate and advise him on the approach to shooting a high-end DV project.

Canon DV / HDV
XL1S and Mini35 on Seinfeld / Levinson Shoot, Pt. 2

The second film in the series features Jerry and Superman taking a road trip somewhere in the desert in a 1965 Porsche. Our first day was to be spent shooting the scenes within the car, so we spent the morning rigging onto the process trailer which was to be towed by a camera car for Monday’s photography. Shane wanted to find the camera angles and lenses to avoid having to do that work on Monday morning.

Canon DV / HDV
The XL2 Watchdog’s Tips & Tricks

This section offers some operating tips gleaned from savvy XL shooters for the benefit of others. The idea here is to have a place to point everyone who asks, “how do I do that again?” without having to keep reposting the same information on usenet. I got the idea from watching how many times people have asked how to generate color bars on the Sony VX1000.

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