Author Charles Papert, S.O.C.

Since this article was written, Charles Papert has moved on from Steadicam operating to working as a DP and director, with credits such as Key & Peele, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Teachers. Although he no longer dons the full size rig, he still will try on a small rig from time to time for nostalgia’s sake.

Camera Gear
First Look: SmallHD DP6 vs. Marshall V-LCD50-HDMI

Menu-wise, there are many similarities and many differences. As noted I won’t go into them here, the manufacturer’s websites have a fair amount listed and others will cover all of this. Suffice to say that both have many of the desired features such as image flip, focus assist and the like. The 5″ uniquely has framelines; the DP6 has a custom scaling feature. Whether you need either feature depends on how you use these monitors.

Camera Support
Review: Steadicam Pilot (pt. 1 of 3)

See the official Steadicam Pilot product page at When Garrett Brown was first developing the Brown Effect Stabilizer in the early 1970’s, the cameras he chose for his prototypes were then-current bantamweights like the Éclair ACL and the Arri…

P+S Technik Mini35 and the JVC GY-HD100, Part One

I’ve been a long time Mini35 fan, since I was involved with the Jerry Seinfeld/American Express webfilms a couple of years back. I was impressed enough with the latest model to buy one last year along with a Panasonic AG-DVX100A, and have shot a number of commercial and narrative projects with the combination.

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