5D Mk. II hits the “bigtime”

I can’t reveal details of what we were using this rig on, but I thought you guys might like to see the Canon EOS 5D Mk. II all dressed up for use on a large-scale production. That’s a Panavision Primo 35mm on front, with Preston remote and Cinetape horns on top, all perched on my lightweight “Nimblecam” rig. I also had my full-size rig with Millenium XL built adjacent to this as we were also shooting 35mm. We got amazing shots with this setup!

Charles Papert and his 5D Mk. II / Steadicam rig

Charles Papert and his 5D Mk. II / Steadicam rig

(Just a quick teaser for now, sorry — Charles most likely won’t be able to say much about this particular production, but we have a discussion going on about this in our message boards anyway… you can check it out at dvinfo.net/conf/canon-eos-5d-mk-ii-hd/239682-5d-bigtime.html).


About The Author

Since this article was written, Charles Papert has moved on from Steadicam operating to working as a DP and director, with credits such as Key & Peele, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Teachers. Although he no longer dons the full size rig, he still will try on a small rig from time to time for nostalgia’s sake.

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