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Everything else for the camera not related to support (tripods, stabilizers etc.), such as remote lens controllers, matte boxes, filters, O.B. lights, monitors and much more.

Camera Gear
Review: IndiFOCUSpro Geared Ultimate

The supplied lens focus gears ship with only one size mounting screw, which means if your lens is not the proper diameter you will need to either purchase new screws or possibly cut the screws to the proper size. Fitting the lens gears requires measuring the inner screw area of each screw during the tightening process to make sure the lens is centered within the gear.

Camera Gear
Review: VariZoom VZ-Rock Remote Lens Controller

The VZ-Rock controller represents Varizoom’s second compact controller product line. The VZ-Rock shares some of the StealthZoom’s design characteristics but features an extended set of controls. It also features a variable-speed rocker control for zoom, a first for Varizoom’s products.