XH G1 and XH A1 Camera Images, Part One

Here are some views of the Canon G1 and A1 camcorders, from various angles. You can click on most of these to see a bigger version which will open up in a new browser window. You might notice that the camera body color is inconsistent throughout most of these images. That’s because I took the liberty of tweaking the brightness and gamma of the original versions in order to bring out the detail of the various buttons and markings, etc. The color balance onbviously suffered as a result. Keep in mind that despite what you see here, there’s no actual difference in the body color of these two camcorders. They’re identical to their big brother, the XL H1, in basic black.


About The Author

After completing my degree in Radio-Television-Film at the University of Texas, I managed a video production studio "back in the tape days" while waiting for the digital video revolution to arrive and for the internet to become mainstream. Things started to get interesting in November of 1997 when I launched The XL1 Watchdog, my first web site dedicated to digital video technology. In January of 2001, that site morphed into DV Info Net — the Digital Video Information Network. More than fifteen years later, the longevity of DV Info Net is exceeded now only by its popularity and reputation as one of the leading technology information resources in the broadcast and professional video markets.

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