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Pro 3D Handheld Camcorders Comparison

Tim Dashwood, pictured here with a vintage 1950’s Kodak stereo film camera in Times Square, delivers an overview of today’s affordable 3D video production camcorders. Tim: “It amazes me how far consumer technology can evolve in just a two year period. In 2010 Panasonic officially announced the AG-3DA1 stereoscopic 3D camcorder, the first of its kind. I was fortunate enough to gain early access to the prototype and use it in a few productions. Its stereoscopic use was of course limited by its interaxial separation and zoom range, but it was the first time a stereoscopic camera operator didn’t have to worry about geometric or colorimetric alignment on set. In early 2011 the consumer divisions of Sony and JVC quickly released inexpensive handheld stereoscopic 3D camcorders the HDR-TD10 and GS-TD1, respectively.” You’ll want to dive right in and read the rest of his review.