Convergent Design Odyssey7Q Owner Loyalty Program

authored by Mitch Gross, Director of Communications at Convergent Design

convdeslogo-dvi2With the introduction of the new Odyssey7Q+, Convergent Design is rewarding our Odyssey7Q clients who wish to purchase the new monitor/recorder. Under the program, current Odyssey7Q owners will receive values above and beyond new purchasers of Convergent Design products.

The Program

Odyssey7Q owners purchasing an Odyssey7Q+ will receive a warranty extension on their current Odyssey7Q (existing Odyssey7Q warranties are now extended to January 1, 2016 regardless of purchase date.). Any record options currently purchased on the Odyssey7Q will be duplicated on the Odyssey7Q+ at no extra cost. An additional $500 credit will be applied to the owner’s account on the Convergent Design web store for purchase or rental of record options or anything made available through the web store in the future. Odyssey7Q owners do not need to retain ownership of the Odyssey7Q after purchase of the Odyssey7Q+, and the record options and warranty remain with the Odyssey7Q. Only one Odyssey7Q+ Owner Loyalty Program offer per Odyssey7Q owned, with no upper limit for owners of multiple Odyssey7Q units. The program offer expires March 31, 2015.

To Participate in the Program

In order to participate in this program and receive the rewards incentives simply purchase a new Odyssey7Q+ from an authorized Convergent Design dealer or distributor during the term of this program and register the unit on the Convergent Design website at When the unit has been activated and added to your account you will receive an email notification of rewards program eligibility. Follow the instructions contained in that notification and complete the Program Eligibility Form and Owner Loyalty Survey.

Upon completion of the Program Eligibility Form and Owner Loyalty Survey you will be provided with license keys for any applicable recording licenses and a promotional code for each applicable Online Purchase Credit. License keys and promotional codes can be viewed by logging into your user account on Promotional codes may be transferred to any third party at the customer’s discretion and are valid for one-time use. Do not disclose promotional codes to a third party unintentionally as duplicates will not be provided.

You may activate recording options by entering the license key for each recording option into the Odyssey7Q+. No additional downloads or software are required, although we do recommend that the most current firmware version is downloaded and installed on the unit. (Please note that all license keys are specific to the unit by serial number.)

Benefits of the Program

Participants will now own two units, an Odyssey7Q+ and an Odyssey7Q, both with full warranties from Convergent Design. Both units will have all purchased record options. Participants are free to sell either unit to a third party (both parties need to contact Convergent Odyssey7Q Owner Loyalty ProgramDesign to transfer ownership of the unit and registration on our webstore) or to use both units. Use the Odyssey7Q as an excellent monitor, for two-camera shooting, or as a backup unit.

Minimum US dollar value of the Odyssey7Q+ Owner Loyalty Program is $749 ($500 account credit + $249 1-year warranty extension). Depending on record options owned and duplicated, the value could be as high as $6529 ($500 account credit + $249 1-year warranty extension + $795 Sony FS RAW + $1495 Canon Cinema RAW + $1495 POV RAW + $1995 ARRIRAW).

Not in the Program

  • The Odyssey7Q cannot be retrofitted or otherwise upgraded to become an Odyssey7Q+.
  • Convergent Design will not accept an Odyssey7Q for trade-in for an Odyssey7Q+.
  • Owner Loyalty Program benefits cannot be extended from an Odyssey7Q to another Odyssey7Q, an Odyssey7Q+ to an Odyssey7Q+, or to a different owner account.
  • The Owner Loyalty Program can only be used for a given Odyssey7Q or Odyssey7Q+ once.

And Remember…

The Odyssey7Q is not devalued. Under the Owner Loyalty Program, an Odyssey7Q retains any record options in perpetuity. It can be used long into the future by the current owner or be sold to a new owner with record options intact (both parties need to contact Convergent Design to transfer ownership of the unit and registration on our webstore).

Full Support for Odyssey7 and Odyssey7Q

The Odyssey7Q+ is designed around the same architecture as the rest of the Odyssey Family of Products (Odyssey7, Odyssey7Q, Odyssey7Q+). All firmware updates will apply to each device as applicable. There is much more to come for all of the Odyssey models. We’re just getting started.

authored by Mitch Gross, Director of Communications at Convergent Design


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