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The things that happen in the editing bay.

Post Production
Five Ways I Think FCP-X is Changing Editing for the Better.

In the past half-year, I’ve used FCP-X nearly exclusively for my corporate video editing. In that time, I’ve had to to deliver a wide range of work for a very diverse group of recognizable national clients – often under very tight deadlines. I doubt I could have hit these deadlines while delivering the same quality without FCP-X. That’s based on looking back at what I’ve done, the deadlines, the programs and client requirements and how FCP-X often helped me work faster and more efficiently than I was working before.

Post Production
Adobe CS5.5 DVi Workshop: MultiCam Editing

Pete Bauer of Contrail Media explains the basic procedures for working within the multi-cam editing environment, and then guides you through a sample sequence involving four source video clips as they are mixed into one. A quick review of the process is included at the end of Pete’s tutorial. In less than 15 minutes, this video tutorial covers the essential steps you’ll need to know in order to use the Multi-Cam Editing tools in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5.

Post Production
Final Cut Pro vs. Adobe Premiere CS 5.5, That Is The Question

I asked Shane Ramirez, our editing manager here at Media Design to relate his thoughts on the new Adobe Premiere Pro platform vs. our old version of Final Cut Pro (7). I asked him which platform he would be using for his latest project, since he was trained originally on Final Cut, and his answer was Premiere Pro CS 5.5, and with his comments, we can perhaps determine why.

Post Production
Dynamic Linking and Project Communication in Adobe Creative Suite

Dynamic Link goes one way for a given instance. But if you are using unique assets to make sure no sequences, comps, or clips — even if nested — are trying to make a round trip that would result in an endless loop (in which case the Dynamic Link with the circular reference is error-trapped and simply won’t work), then Dynamic Link has functionality in both directions. Several versions back, it was only one way. An After Effects composition could be put into Premiere Pro, but not the other direction way back when. That’s changed now though.