NAB 2014 – TVLogic VFM-058W

Among other announcements at the TVLogic press conference was this new 5.5″ camera-top monitor, the VFM-058W. It builds on the widely-used VFM-056W with several useful enhancements:

  • Full 1920×1080 resolution. This is the trend even for the smallest monitors; it won’t be long before everything is 1920×1080 or more.
  • The scroll-wheel has been moved to the top of the monitor on the left side, and three functions buttons on the top right replace the single button on the rear of the 056W.
  • Small corner ‘scopes, as shown, obscure less of the picture. With the high-res panel, even these small ‘scopes have enough detail to be  truly useful.
  • The monitor will ship with a plexi screen protector as standard, and the protector nests inside a slight depression for a better environmental seal.
  • A USB port on the side allows for field-upgradable firmware.


The price will be around $1700 list, shipping soon. The 056W will remain in the lineup with a reduced price; you might be able to find it or around $1000 in the near future.


Disclosure: There is no material relation between me and TVLogic, and I received no special considerations or compensation from them for posting this article.


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