Vinten Vision 3 AS Tripod (4 of 4)

And the bottom line is….

I won’t beat about the bush. I love this head. In use, the Vision 3 AS is even more flawlessly smooth than it’s predecessor, and that’s saying something.

The combination of the Vision 3 AS and my Vinten FiberTecs’ is visually awesome, a joy to use, as solid as a rock and the V3 AS is constructed like a battle tank made by Swiss watchmakers.

The side load plate is an absolute godsend and I have no doubts whatsoever the “perfect balance” system will get 10 out of 10 from those who have cameras that can make use of it.

Apart from the few minor niggles noted above, the Vision 3 AS is as near perfect as I can imagine any head being, Vinten having fixed nearly every vice of the V3. If Vinten release a V 1/ 2 AS, perfection will have been achieved for my level of camera (and I’ll be getting one, pronto, if they do).

My only hesitation in predicting the appearance of a Vision 1/2 AS is because the AS range is really aimed at the Production House / Rental market, where it will provide perfect counterbalance from the smallest professional camera up to the top of the HD video camera food chain. A Vision 1/2 AS would be aimed at the serious amateur or semi – pro, which may not be where Vinten wish to go in the greater scheme of things. If Vinten get their “heads” around a V1/ 2 AS, as I sincerely hope they can, they will have swept the board.

Taking into account the system packages on offer, and that the prices for the new range are the same as for the existing models, they have a killer line up at a very, very competitive price.

How cool is that? Exceedingly. Well done, Vinten.


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