DCS Lighting Technology Event Saturday, 21 March, in Burbank

[Update 23 March: event coverage at Sound & Picture.]

The Digital Cinema Society is having its annual Lighting Technology Event in Burbank, California this coming Saturday, 21 March.

Almost twenty manufacturers and vendors will be showing off incandescent, fluorescent, and LED lights, as well as the various bits of grip & electric equipment used to position lighting instruments and affect the quality and color of the light they put out. I’ll be there demonstrating new features in Cine Meter II, which neither radiates light nor makes it pretty, but does help measure the stuff.

There’ll also be a central stage for practical presentations by cinematographers and lighting experts, as well as a discussion of the color rendition issues that come with these newfangled lighting technologies, and a refresher on electrical on-set safety.

From Sunday’s DCS email update:


Annual DCS Lighting Technology Event – March 21st at the Local 80 Stage, Burbank

Join us on Saturday, March 21st at the IATSE Local 80 stage in Burbank, from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, for our annual exploration of Motion Picture Lighting Technology.

This year we will greatly expand the event, which will run a full day with Expo style booths so you can get hands on with the latest Grip and Electric gear. In addition to our traditional vendor presentations, we plan to also hold practical lighting demonstrations by renowned Cinematographers and Lighting experts, who will be encouraged to share tips and tricks of the trade; (i.e. how to light a beauty close-up, a product shot, or a green screen.) We’ll also discuss the subject of color rendition/spectrum issues we face today in the implementation of LEDs as well as Electrical On-Set Safety.

So far, invited Manufacturers and Vendors who are likely to participate include, in alphabetical order:

Barger-Lite • BBS Lighting • Chimera Lighting • Cineo Lighting • Cine Meter • DADCO/FilmGear • Dedolight • Kino Flo • Litepanels • Luminys • MACCAM • Matthews Studio Equipment • Mole Richardson • Nila • Red Scorpion LED • Rosco Labs • SUMOLIGHT • Zylight

Please RSVP with “Lighting Expo” in the subject line and don’t forget to give us your contact details when sending your e-mail:


You will receive an initial confirmation followed by a reminder with additional details prior to the event.

Please note: We are already near capacity. Only confirmed rsvps will be admitted into this event.

UPDATE 15 March: the event is at capacity; no more RSVPs are being accepted. Sorry!

DCS will be giving away five copies of Cine Meter II along with five Luxi For All incident-reading  photospheres during the event.

If Burbank is too much of a trek, Sorry, the event is full, but the presentations will be recorded for later viewing; details TBD, but they’ll probably show up here.

Update 23 March: Daron James at Sound & Picture has a brief writeup of the event.

Disclosure: I’m a member of the Digital Cinema Society. DSC founder Jim Mathers invited me to the Lighting Tech Event to show off Cine Meter II, and requested some copies of Cine Meter as raffle prizes. I asked the folks at Extrasensory Devices if they’d contribute a few Luxis For All, and they kindly supplied five, so that DCS can provide a complete reflected/incident metering package (except for the iPhone, not included!).


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