Author Paul Cronin

My passion is messing about in sailboats, and capturing that passion. I have a degree in Naval Architecture/Composite Structures and built my first boat at age 6 with my dad. I also started filming at a young age, on a 16 mm camera that was my dad’s pride and joy. I can remember cutting filmstrips and editing family adventures with my dad and brother. I’ve raced and coached professional sailing for 35 years, documenting it along the way. In 1998 I started my own production company, specializing in the marine industry. These days it is the marine industry and beyond. I’ve been a member of since 2004 and really enjoy sharing information on this great site.

Review: Lectrosonics PDR

Paul Cronin takes a look at the super-compact Portable Digital Recorder from Lectrosonics, a handy little 24-bit audio recorder with Time Code sync, phones jack, microSD card and more.