New Chrosziel LANC Controller

Wireless start/stop camcorders with new Chrosziel LANC™ interface Chrosziel has created a solution for starting and stopping a professional camcorder remotely using handles or a wireless lens control system.

The interface cable contains a small board carrying the logic for the LANC™ protocol. The Local Application Control Bus System was introduced by Sony in the 1990’s as a bi-directional control system for video cameras, and nowadays is used widely for camcorders like Canon’s EOS C 100 / 300 / 550, the Blackmagic Design Cinema cameras, and many professional Sony camcorders.

Chrosziel’s solution is universally applicable for all cameras equipped with a standard 2.5mm jack. As of now, the interface cable is available in three product versions:

  1. 1. Handle 403-07 featuring a pushbutton
  2. 2. Cable DFCOFL with a 12-pin hirose plug (connects the DigiFOX motor controller with the camera)
  3. 3. Cable AL2-COFL is for use with the ALADIN MK II system

Also available upon request are versions of the LANC™ interface cable for older Chrosziel wireless lens control systems such as Genio, MagFOX and the precursor model to ALADIN MK II. The price for a Chrosziel LANC™ interface cable is 185.00 Euro. Handle 403-07 cost 745.00 Euro (all prices ex works plus VAT and freight).

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Tel.: +49 89 90 10 91 0


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