Convergent Design Unveils New Innovative 4K RAW Recorder

(April 11, 2011, Colorado Springs, CO) — Convergent Design announced the newest member of their recorder series: Gemini RAW. This fifth generation design supports 4K RAW recording with live-preview and playback to a 4K monitor. Gemini RAW includes many industry leading, one-of-a-kind features, such as four camera recording / quad-split playback (in HD), AVID DNxHD™ CODEC (RGB and YCC), uncompressed RGB 444, stereo 3D, simultaneous recording of RAW/Dailies, and 120fps support (in 2K/HD).

Gemini RAW is a solutions-based recorder for digital cinema and multi-camera productions. It offers all the features of its’ award-winning 4:4:4 counterpart, with significantly greater processing power, while retaining the same size, power, and weight. A key feature of Gemini RAW is the six programmable 3G-SDI ports which can be configured as 4-In/2-Out or 2-In/4-Out. This innovative capability enables many unique configurations such as quad-input record /quad-split display or single-stream 4K RAW recording /4K monitoring. Furthermore, multiple stereo 3D output options include luma differencing, side-by-side, and anaglyph, among others.

Gemini RAW offers a future-proof solution that allows recording in high-quality HD (in DNxHD-220) and simultaneously in RAW / uncompressed. You can use the DNxHD footage for fast turnaround projects while archiving the RAW for future, higher-resolution / higher-quality productions. Alternatively, if your project requires RAW today, simply record RAW and DNxHD-36 proxy (for your dailies/offline work). Either workflow simplifies post-production while protecting your digital assets for future revenue streams.

Unlike most competitive products, Gemini RAW includes a built-in 5.0” 800×480 LCD touch-screen for live-preview and playback. Gemini RAW uniquely employs dual 1.8” SSD drives, greatly reducing size, weight and cost. Currently these drives support quad-stream recording up to 1080p30/2K RAW, single stream 4K RAW up to 30p, single stream 1080p/2K RAW up to 120fps (over dual 3G-SDI) or in some formats, the creation of two identical masters (auto backup). The Gemini RAW production kit includes (at no extra cost) a simple SSD transfer station compatible with widely available, low-cost USB 3.0, FW-800, and Thunderbolt adapters. In particular, the Thunderbolt adapter supports data-transfer rates in excess of 375Mbytes/sec from the Gemini SSDs to a fast RAID hard-drive.

Pending certification by ARRI®, Gemini RAW will support both ARRIRAW 16:9 (Alexa) up to 60fps and ARRIRAW 4:3 (Alexa Studio) up to 48fps. Full support for Weisscam/P+S Technik HD/2K RAW is also planned; including cameras from IO Industries, Lux Media Plan, and Indiecam. Our leading-edge design anticipates future support for yet to be announced 2K and 4K RAW cameras as well as even higher frame rates.

Gemini RAW is expected to begin shipping in late Fall 2012. Price is yet to be determined. See the entire Convergent Design family of recorders in action on today’s leading cinema production cameras at NAB booth C9918. You can also visit our website: or call: ++720-221-3861.


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