Darim and Silicon Imaging Launch Revolutionary 3D Virtual Studio

(NAB 2014, SL6310) — Darim Vision, an innovator in MPEG encoding and visualization technologies and Silicon Imaging, an award winning manufacturer of 2K and 360 camera and recording systems, have joined forces to deliver an innovative family of trackless Virtual Studio products for Live Broadcast, Presentation and Flipped Classroom Lecture Capture.

Until now, virtual studio creation and operation was limited to use by broadcaster able to make large investments in 3D models, tracking sensors, Chroma sets and labor for operators.
“The new VStudio eliminates cost and complexity barriers of these traditional solutions” states Ari Presler, CEO and Founder of Silicon Imaging. “Our collaboration with Darim is now delivering an unprecedented easy-to-use, recording and streaming solution even for a single fixed HDMI or HD-SDI camera!“


VStudio can support up to 5 Video inputs with Chroma keys, 3D effects mixing and live streaming to a CDN. An actor or presenter is placed into a layered or 360 degree environment while a virtual camera will move between scenes like it was on a Jib or dolly.

“VStudio can be operated by anyone and does require 3D design experience”, states Dr. Youngdae Kim, CEO of Darim Vision. “In the past, your camera and physical studio had to be locked down and any changes required you to go back into a 3D modeling. We have made the Virtual studio mobile, allowing you to quickly changes to the virtual camera to match the moved camera and props. This is unprecedented”.

“We have created an open space and provided tools to construct a custom studio. You can add elements from our cloud exchange database of studio structures, furniture and decorations or create new ones to share with others. Also, our integration with Adobe After Effects layered designs allows dramatic studio backgrounds with matching animated titles, previously limited to use in post-production.”

The IStudio system combines camera video with presentation content from a Notebook into a single HD video for single person operation, you, the presenter. Simply click or roll your mouse to navigate and scale the video between presenter and training content views or have them change automatically. Simultaneously record the mixed output to MP4 for upload to YouTube.

For Live presentation, connect your HDMI out to a projector for local viewing or connect into your Telepresence system for Distance Learning and video conferencing. You can even share your live video over Skype and Google Hangouts with a classroom on the other side of the globe.

“We are broadening the use of virtual studio technology to engage audiences and students in a new immersive way” states Ari Presler. “Combining the video of the presenter or teacher with Powerpoint material into the same video produces a more compelling experience with increased attention, adds eye contact with the viewer and eliminates the need to first record and then edit for creating Online course material.”

Designed for mobility and quick setup of remote studios, Chromudio Ultra HD Chromakey screens with White LED light pipes are ideal for live events and locations where space is at a premium. The CM-Stand is designed for use in conference room podiums and classrooms, CM-Stage for full body standing shots and larger CM-Room and Corner models for multi-actor environments.

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About Silicon Imaging

Silicon Imaging is an innovator in 2K, 3D and 360 video processing and recording solutions. We enable cinema quality immersive content creation using innovative image processing technologies. Our cameras were used for the ground breaking digital shooting for the 8-time Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire and are recipients of the International 3D Society Lumiere and TV Technology Mario Awards. www.siliconimaging.com.

About Darim Vision

Darim Vision is leading manufacturer of MPEG encoding, Broadcast automation and Virtual Studio solutions. Darim’s patented visualization products are transforming how we communicate in a new era of connected devices and is a recipient of TV Technology Superior Technology STAR Award. Visit www.darim.com.


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