FBmn Software introduces Border plug-in for Sony Vegas

New add-on for Sony Vegas to frame, highlight or surround areas of a video

France — January 29, 2013 — The FBmn Software’s Border plug-in is designed to help videographers frame, highlight or surround a certain area of interest in a video with a border shape, to draw a viewer’s attention directly to a specific part of the screen.

This is especially useful for video tutorials or demonstrations, but also serves for many other types of presentations. The plug-in provides an approach using a minimum number of mouse clicks to drag a rectangular, square, round or oval shape around the most important elements that need to be highlighted on the video.

Customizable features include shape, color, position, size, thickness and optional shadowing. When activated, the shadow may have a personalized color, transparency, level of blur, and location relative to the shape itself.

The plug-in is based on the technology of OFX (Open Effects), which is an open-source standard for video effects plug-ins. As a result, all of its settings can be easily animated with keyframes. For example, this allows the option of an animated border following a moving object on the video such as a car. It also acts as a media generator, so it can be placed on the video timeline at any time and for any duration, and many borders can be used in the same video or even in the same frame.

Used together, Sony Vegas Movie Studio, FBmn Software’s ScreenRecorder, and FBmn Software’s Border plug-in provide a complete and low-cost software suite for editors of video tutorials, demonstration videos or recorded webinars.

During its launch period, the FBmn Software’s Border plug-in is available at 19.99 Euros (about 26 US Dollars). A demonstration video, more detailed information, and a 14-day evaluation license may be found at http://www.fbmn-software.com/en/border.html.


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