JVC announces GY-HM790, 8.4″ Studio Viewfinder & Studio Adapter

JVC has added a new model to compliment the GY-HM700 camcorder.   The GY-HM790 adds built-in Genlock/Pool Feed, Timecode IN/OUT, 480i recording and modular options for 26-pin multicore module (including intercom support & dedicated VF output,) a full-featured multicore CCU, a local remote panel, a fiber remote module or an ASI module. The new genlock and TC IN/OUT features are primarily targeted at broadcasters and multi-camera event producers but the new features will also be beneficial to stereoscopic 3D productions.


lnnovative Design Offers Flexibility for Studio Applications,
ASI Output Module Simplifies Live HD Reports from the Field

WAYNE, NJ (April 5,2010)- JVC Professional Products, a division of JVC U.S.A., will
introduce the new flagship of its ProHD camcorder line, the GY-HM790, at the 2010
NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nev., April 12-15 (Booth C4314). With an innovative modular
design and a full complement of accessories, the new camera supports multicore or
fiber-based production. Plus, as a shoulder-mount camcorder, it delivers outstanding
ENG and sports production performance with more features than ever.

GY-HM790 Left Side

GY-HM790 Right Side

The GY-HM790 features three 1/3rd-inch CCDs, which allow a lighter, more compact form
factor for better maneuverability in the field and more flexibility with robotic camera
control systems in the studio. lt produces 1920×1080 images and can record in 1080i,
720p, and even SD (480i) for operations that have not yet made the move to HD. The
camera records at 35 Mbps (HQ mode/variable bit rate) or 19 Mbps/25 Mbps (SP
mode/constant bit rate). The camera ships with a Canon 14x zoom lens or without lens,
and accommodates a variety of lenses with its 1/3-inch bayonet lens mount.

Adopting the successful tapeless workflow introduced in the GY-HM700 camcorder, the
GY-HM790 features a dual card slot design that records to low-cost, non-proprietary
SDHC Class 6 or 10 solid-state media cards. JVC’s native file recording technology
allows recording in ready-to-edit file formats for Apple Final Cut Pro (.mov) and other
major NLE systems (.mp4) that are compatible with Sony XDCAM EX workflow.

An optional ASI output module provides a direct feed from the camera to a satellite
uplink or microwave transmitter via BNC – no “black box” interfaces required – for live
HD video from the field. Other ENG features on the GY-HM790 include an analog SD
pool feed input, 4.3-inch LCD screen, and a high-resolution, 1.2 megapixel LCOS
viewfinder. Two XLR inputs with phantom power offer uncompressed LPCM audio
recording with manual level controls.

“The excellent image quality of the GY-HM790, coupled with its versatility for both studio
and ENG use, makes it an attractive camcorder for broadcasters in any DMA,” said
Craig Yanagi, manager of marketing and brand strategy. “Plus, our optional ASI module
makes it easier than ever to produce true HD reports from the field. The GY-HM790
does more than shoot great pictures, it literally changes the way live news reports can
be produced.”

With its HD/SD-SDI port, the GY-HM790 provides an uncompressed 4:2:2 full HD signal
for live monitoring, and a FireWire port provides output of SD signals or the HDV
transport stream, so footage can be backed up economically with an HDD recorder. An
optional SxS media recorder module attaches directly to the camcorder and allows
simultaneous recording to SDHC cards and SxS media.

The new GY-HM790 also builds on the studio capabilities of JVC’s popular GY-HD250
camera with its improved picture quality and cleaner studio integration. lts redesigned
studio adapter sled incorporates a modular approach to multicore or fiber connectivity
for a cleaner interface. Modules connect directly to the camera without external cabling,
so they can be used either with the studio sled or handheld. Plus, JVC’s modular
approach allows the creation of additional modules to accommodate future

Other new features for studio or multi-camera use include built-in time code in/out and
genlock. JVC also offers a full complement of accessories, including a remote camera
control unit, remote shader panel, 8.4-inch studio viewfinder, and multi-input special
effects generators.

The GY-HM790 will be available this summer for $11,995 including the Canon KT14x4.4BKRS 14x HD ENG lens.

Headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, JVC U.S.A. is a division of JVC Americas Corp.,
a wholly-owned subsidiary of Victor Company of Japan Ltd. JVC distributes a complete
line of video and audio equipment for the consumer and professional markets.

Also new to the lineup is the KA790 Studio Adapter sled and VF-HP790 8.4″ Studio Viewfinder.

GY-HM790 in KA790 Studio Adapter with VF-HP790 8.4" Studio Viewfinder

KA790 and VF-HP790 Left Side


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