nanoFlash Price Reduction

April 2, 2012, Colorado Springs Today Convergent Design announced a dramatic price reduction for the award winning nanoFlash video recorder. The price of nanoFlashes has been reduced to $1,995 MSRP ($1,895 street price). These prices reflect a USD $1,000 reduction. Similar price reductions are in effect around the world, but due to customs, taxes and shipping the amounts may vary slightly.

The nanoFlash is an extremely popular video recorder; over 5,000 are currently in use.

The nanoFlash has been used for high-end commercials, nature documentaries, sports, network television, Hollywood features by major studios and more. It has been approved, for 100% content, by many prestigious networks, including those which pride themselves in delivering the highest quality images. The nanoFlash shines in comparison to other video recorders in that it is very small in size, very light weight, easily camera mountable, and draws the least power, only 5.8 watts maximum.

But the most important point is that the nanoFlash is very versatile. It can record at 280 Mbps, higher than any similar recorder, and in HD, down to 18 Mbps. At 50 Mbps Long-GOP, it offers broadcast acquisition quality with small file sizes, and the files are easily archived on the Sony Professional Disks. And its 100 Mbps Long-GOP offers a significant step up in quality while still creating files that are smaller than other recorders most used options. In Standard Definition, the nanoFlash offers IMX 30, 40 and 50, and 5 to 9 Mbps.

Furthermore, the nanoFlash is equally at home recording in Long-GOP or I-Frame Only. The very efficient and high quality Long-GOP modes are not available in competing recorders. The nanoFlash can easily record, uninterrupted, in broadcast acquisition quality for 10 hours and 40 minutes. And with Hot Swapping the record times are essentially unlimited.

The nanoFlash produces files that are exceptionally low in noise which helps explain why it has been so successful. Another important feature is the ability to create pre-rendered DVD or Blu-ray files for rapid same-day edits. The nanoFlash supports over and under-cranking, 3-2 Pulldown Removal, 2-2 Pulldown Removal, True 720p60 and True 1080p30 frame rates, Loop Recording, LTC Timecode Input, and Time-Lapse recording.

With the new low street price of $1,895, the many owners that love the nanoFlash can now easily consider adding additional units to their kit.

After NAB, the nanoFlash will be enhanced with a new firmware release. This will include the ability to extract timecode from HDMI, and to detect the HD-SDI Record Flag. Other improvements and new features are expected also. For additional information, please visit our website,


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